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14 Jul 2011 13:34


Culture: That was quick: Roger Clemens perjury case ends in mistrial

  • He’s entitled to a fair trial. He now cannot get it.
  • Judge Reggie B. Walton, judge in the Roger Clemens trial • Explaining why he’s declaring a mistrial in the case, which just started this week. Basically, the prosecution revealed a statement to the jury when they weren’t supposed to. He went on to angrily rebuke the government counsel responsible for the prosecution, saying that they should have been more careful because they can’t just get away with anything — and what they’ve already said can’t be erased from the jury’s minds. “A lot of government money has been used to reach this point. The government should have been more cautious,” he “I don’t see how I can un-ring the bell.” source

15 Sep 2010 21:02


U.S.: FBI employees, baseball stars, wrestlers have something in common

  • 4 FBI employees arrested for lying about steroid use source

01 Mar 2010 21:55


Culture: Mark McGwire Highway renamed, but it still makes its Mark

  • McGwire Mark McGwire was one of Missouri’s greatest baseball players … well, until he admitted to using steroids. Highway revoked!
  • Twain Mark Twain is one of America’s greatest authors. And since he has the same first name, it’ll be easy to change the signs! source

11 Jan 2010 20:58


02 Aug 2009 11:36


Sports: The Boston Red Sox: A recent legacy tainted by steroids?

  • Two staffers were fired last summer over steroid use. One of baseball’s most iconic recent success stories, the championship runs of the Boston Red Sox, is currently under fire after two revelations which put steroids at the team’s forefront. Earlier this week, it was revealed that star sluggers David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez tested positive in 2003 while Red Sox players. Today, a Boston newspaper reported that two security staffers were fired last summer over steroid use. While they deny knowledge of other players doing it, it sure feels sketchy, doesn’t it? source

30 Jul 2009 16:45


Sports: The NYT reporter that exposed Ramirez and Ortiz is just a baby

  • 25 the age of New York Times reporter Michael S. Schmidt. He just broke the story that Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz tested positive for juicin’ up in 2003
  • 100 the reported number of players that test positive for performance-enhancing drugs in 2003. That list is still secret, but Schmidt is breaking away at it source

26 Jul 2009 11:33


Sports: Hank Aaron: Give those juiced-up bastards asterisks

  • The thing is, do you put these guys in, or do you put an asterisk beside their names and say, ‘Hey, they did it, but here’s why?’ To be safe, that’s the only way I see that you can do it.
  • Legendary slugger Hank Aaron • Regarding what he feels should be done about record-breaking players (ahem *Barry Bonds* ahem) who use steroids. Aaron spoke at Cooperstown yesterday, where base-stealing phenom Rickey Henderson and former Red Sox superstar Jim Rice got inducted into the Hall of Fame. • source

17 Jun 2009 09:46


Sports: Sammy Sosa used steroids? No, really? And rain is wet?

  • 45.6 number of home runs he hit, on average, between 1993 and 2003, before he was found using steroids.
  • 23.3 number of home runs he hit, on average, between 2004 and 2007, post-steroids. Hm. Interesting. source

08 Mar 2009 09:57


Sports: A-Rod’s hip, on top of the steroid saga, is making his life suck

  • Surgery on Monday. Dude’s out 6-9 weeks. Alex Rodriguez has had a pretty crappy last 30 days or so. And the topper is the hip. Initially thought to just be a cyst, he also has a torn labrum and will be out for a while recovering from arthroscopic hip surgery, which he’ll have on Monday. No word on whether he’ll blame his cousin for the hip injury. source

19 Feb 2009 11:16


Sports: Psst. Hey A-Rod. It’s the MLB. We need to talk.

  • The tension in that room oughta be fun. The MLB Player’s Association recently got wind that the league’s investigative department wants to speak with Yankee Alex Rodriguez about a couple of things regarding that whole steroids incident. While it will be non-disciplinary in nature, it certainly doesn’t sound like much fun. source