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01 Mar 2010 21:55


Culture: Mark McGwire Highway renamed, but it still makes its Mark

  • McGwire Mark McGwire was one of Missouri’s greatest baseball players … well, until he admitted to using steroids. Highway revoked!
  • Twain Mark Twain is one of America’s greatest authors. And since he has the same first name, it’ll be easy to change the signs! source

03 Mar 2009 21:34


U.S.: There’s a lot of roads to repair, a lot of jobs to be had

  • 200 road-repair projects could be covered by the stimulus
  • 150,000 transportation jobs could be created or saved by the stimulus source

03 Mar 2009 21:30


U.S.: The stimulus is already boosting employment

  • 60 people got jobs today thanks to the stimulus. Go team Obama! source