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24 Mar 2011 00:38


U.S.: Earthquake preparedness: Bay Area bridges in bad shape

  • 34% of bridges in San Francisco are structurally deficient source

20 Mar 2011 21:30


Biz: AT&T’s T-Mobile buyout: Infrastructure, antitrust concerns at play

  • 35 million subscribers on T-Mobile’s current wireless setup
  • 100M number of subscribers Verizon has, buoyed by a large infrastructure that nobody can touch
  • 95M number of subscribers AT&T has — if the merger goes through, they’ll top Verizon
  • 40M number of subscribers Sprint has; they were also having merger talks with T-Mobile source
  • » It’s all about infrastructure: AT&T is trying hard to play catch-up with Verizon, which not only has more customers and bandwidth, but also now has the iPhone. The bummer for T-Mobile users is that AT&T’s monthly rates are far higher than T-Mobile’s, which as you might guess has people worried. While T-Mobile has tried to get ahead of talk like this, the concerns are enough that many analysts are warning that the deal won’t go through.

10 Feb 2011 12:33


U.S.: Allentown, Pa. explosion a familiarly horrible sight for America

  • explosion Allentown, Pa. was rocked by a violent explosion at 11 p.m. EST last night, killing at least one and burning eight rowhouses. Five people remain missing.
  • explanation? Authorities in Allentown have claimed that the explosion has the “look” and “feel” of a natural gas incident, despite the local gas line passing checks last Tuesday. source
  • » Sleeping through the wake-up calls: Creaky gas lines leading to violent, deadly explosions have been more common than we’d like lately. You may recall last year’s colossal blast in San Bruno, California, for example, which killed eight people and raised a lot of concern over the state of gas lines nationwide. 2010 was a bad year for gas explosions, as this list attests, and it begs asking whether the U.S. government is shirking their responsibilities on infrastructure safety. In a world in which we’re constantly reminded and warned about very grand-scale, existential threats like global terrorism and the blight of nuclear weapons, the possibility that the ground is going to suddenly explode underneath us seems to get short shrift. With the Obama administration appearing to cede to a Republican-ish center on fiscal matters, odds are the concerted focus and infrastructure spending needed to answer these questions simply won’t be there. Which sucks, frankly.

01 Feb 2011 22:05


Tech: Worst party idea ever: Let’s celebrate “World IPv6 Day,” internet!

  • 06/08 the date of “World IPv6 Day,” when  the interwebs test a move from IPv4 to IPv6, as IPv4 space runs out
  • 0.05% of the interwebs may be negatively affected by the switch that day (half a million people!) source
  • » Our big quibble? If you’re going to make a big deal about switching the infrastructure of the Internet, why do it on that day when there’s an obvious date with instant branding possibilities? If they had done this on April 6 instead of June 8, it would be way easier to promote. But let’s face it. Nerds don’t think about stupid things like promotion. (By the way, go here if you wanna test your readiness.)

20 Dec 2010 10:58


Tech: AT&T makes huge investment in more wireless spectrum

  • $2 billion for fresh bandwidth; fewer dropped calls, possibly? source

05 Jul 2010 20:46


World: Israel (partly) expands the list of things that can go into Gaza

  • <200 number of things that were allowed on the old list
  • 1,000’s number of things that are banned on the new list source
  • » Notable omissions: While food and household cleaning items made the cut, building supplies did not. Lumber, concrete, steel and other supplies necessary for Gaza to rebuild its infrastructure did not make the list. Why? Because Israel wants to ensure they can’t build bunkers or rockets. Or, you know, buildings, roads and basic infrastructure.

02 Jul 2010 10:30


Tech: One way to stimulate the economy: Broadband infrastructure build-out

  • $800 million in loans and grants for broadband jobs source

10 Jun 2010 11:15


U.S., World: Obama itching for another bailout, this time for the Gaza Strip

  • $400 million for schools, housing and businesses source

29 Jan 2010 14:13


Tech: AT&T isn’t too scared of the big, bad iPad’s effect on its network

  • We’ll have to monitor this usage as the device gets out there. And if it’s substantially different, we’ll adapt to it. But right now, I think the economics will be very positive because it will be a very low-cost device for us – no cost, really, in terms of acquisition.
  • AT&T CFO Rick Lindner • On what he thinks iPad usage patterns will be like. Essentially, he thinks people will mostly use the iPad on wi-fi, and that that $30/month people pay will be mostly pure profit for AT&T. In other, less douchey news, AT&T plans on spending $2 billion to boost up infrastructure this year to make 3G speeds reasonable in markets like New York City and San Francisco, where iPhone uptake is really high. Hopefully they don’t screw it up, like everything else since getting the exclusive iPhone contract. source

27 Dec 2009 20:38


Tech: AT&T is a company run by people who don’t want your money

  • problem AT&T has a sucky network that can’t handle iPhones making phone calls in New York City because they don’t have the infrastructure.
  • solution They’ve stopped the sale of iPhones in the NYC area on their Web site, blaming the lack of coverage. Freaking brilliant! source