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26 Apr 2011 16:01


Politics: Katie Couric confirms she’s quitting CBS Evening News

  • Farewell to Katie Couric: It was widely discussed recently, but now it’s official: the CBS Evening News anchor will be calling it quits, she confirmed in an interview with People. She helmed the network’s nightly news show from 2006 until now, replacing then-interim host Bob Schieffer. Couric made it clear that she’ll be back on the airwaves, though: “I am looking at a format that will allow me to engage in more multi-dimensional storytelling.” We’re very interested to see where she lands, and wish her all the best. source

13 Apr 2011 14:28


World: Telecom executive gives big help to Libyan rebels

  • YES the Libyan rebels have a  mobile phone network source
  • » Welcome to Free Libyana: With international support, in particular the help of a telecom executive in Abu Dhabi named Ousama Abushagur, the Libyan rebel forces now have a hijacked mobile phone network operating within the eastern part of the country. The network, called Free Libyana, was built on the equipment foundations of a Gaddafi controlled network called simply Libyana. Mr. Abushagur, a Libyan who was raised in Alabama, led a crew of engineers and some bodyguards into Benghazi in order to secure the network for the rebel forces located there.

09 Apr 2011 11:18


Culture: RIP Sidney Lumet: Legendary Hollywood director dies at 86

“I’m mad as hell and can’t take it anymore.” Know that movie (“Network”)? This was the guy who made it. He also made many other great ones. No Oscars though (what)? source

15 Jun 2010 23:25


Tech: Heckuva job, Brownie: AT&T – again – ruins the day for iPhone fans

The phone company totally blew pre-orders, causing long waits, errors and reported data leaks. Why does Apple work with this company again? source

29 Mar 2010 20:13


Tech: Apple may be taking the iPhone to Verizon, or maybe not

  • Seems the one thing iPhone users hate the most about their phones is the carrier. Apple’s had an exclusive contract with AT&T for nearly three years now, and with the dropped calls and lack of network expansion, users want another option. Now the Wall Street Journal is reporting that Verizon will get a version of the iPhone this year. It’d be awesome, but let’s remember that analysts have been burned before by the promise of Verizon. source.

29 Jan 2010 14:13


Tech: AT&T isn’t too scared of the big, bad iPad’s effect on its network

  • We’ll have to monitor this usage as the device gets out there. And if it’s substantially different, we’ll adapt to it. But right now, I think the economics will be very positive because it will be a very low-cost device for us – no cost, really, in terms of acquisition.
  • AT&T CFO Rick Lindner • On what he thinks iPad usage patterns will be like. Essentially, he thinks people will mostly use the iPad on wi-fi, and that that $30/month people pay will be mostly pure profit for AT&T. In other, less douchey news, AT&T plans on spending $2 billion to boost up infrastructure this year to make 3G speeds reasonable in markets like New York City and San Francisco, where iPhone uptake is really high. Hopefully they don’t screw it up, like everything else since getting the exclusive iPhone contract. source

24 Jan 2010 11:35


World: That’s not very democratic! Venezuela pulls an anti-Chavez channel

  • They didn’t air the entirety of a pro-government speech yesterday. RCTV, a 53-year-old channel that’s been cable-only since 2007, was illegally yanked off the air at midnight last night. It wasn’t the only one – four others were pulled – but it was the most notable due to the fact that they had been critical of the Chavez government for years. source

20 Dec 2009 11:04


U.S.: Arnold Schwarzenegger could really do anything after leaving office

  • one If he wants, he could always return to that high-paying acting career.
  • two Screw acting! Arnold could totally run a network or movie studio!
  • three And really, does it need to be in the film industry? Business could use his acumen.
  • fourDude could stay in politics, head towards the Senate, and win some friends.
  • five Become a homemaker to prep for his role in “Junior 2: Mr. Dad.” source

02 Dec 2009 21:19


Biz: Verizon and AT&T quit their idiotic legal battles over ads

  • Verizon The tech giant sued AT&T for its “More Bars in More Places” claim – and because AT&T’s service completely sucks. Lawsuit settled.
  • AT&T The iPhone provider sued Verizon for map ads, which noted how anemic AT&T’s 3G coverage is. Lawsuit settled. source

20 Nov 2009 11:30