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07 Jun 2011 11:26


Culture: Katie Couric’s openly gunning to be the new Oprah

  • It’ll be sort of a little bit of what Oprah did. Obviously, no one can ever fill Oprah’s shoes, but some of the things that she did on her show, some of the things we used to do on the Today show.
  • Katie Couric • Describing to Jay Leno her plans for her new show, which will hit the airwaves around September of next year. She signed a contract with ABC on this matter yesterday, and her right-hand man for the show is Jeff Zucker, a man who can get thrown out of NBC during a huge merger, but can’t make coffee. Her transition comes at the perfect time — her main competition is pretty much gone, her rep for news reporting faltered with her time on CBS, and with the ABC deal, she gets to keep her toes in the news side if she so desires. source

26 Apr 2011 16:01


Politics: Katie Couric confirms she’s quitting CBS Evening News

  • Farewell to Katie Couric: It was widely discussed recently, but now it’s official: the CBS Evening News anchor will be calling it quits, she confirmed in an interview with People. She helmed the network’s nightly news show from 2006 until now, replacing then-interim host Bob Schieffer. Couric made it clear that she’ll be back on the airwaves, though: “I am looking at a format that will allow me to engage in more multi-dimensional storytelling.” We’re very interested to see where she lands, and wish her all the best. source

23 Nov 2010 09:52


Politics: Sarah Palin, circa 1988: For a newscaster, her accent’s pretty thick

  • OK guys, next time we talk about Sarah Palin’s dislike of journalists or how she’s gonna clean up the field of journalism, or how all Katie Couric is biased against her or something, let’s keep in mind this chestnut from 1988, where Palin, as sportscaster, shows her chops as a journalist. For some reason, we still prefer Katie Couric after all of this. (thanks nbclocalsource

07 May 2010 10:35


Politics: Some guy: Jon Stewart should replace Katie Couric on CBS News

  • Stewart gets lots of laughs for his pointed commentaries about the news industry’s sacred cows. Perhaps he may secretly yearn to have credibility as a pundit, in addition to the appreciation as a comedian.
  • MarketWatch commentator Jon Friedman • Making a, uh, impassioned plea for CBS to consider “The Daily Show” host as its next anchor – if Katie Couric leaves, that is, which seems likely. His point? He has charisma, and he’s trusted immensely by his younger-leaning audience. Plus, it’d be fun to watch. So, you’re asking, why do we think this is a stupid idea? Because Jon Stewart’s authority as a media commentator is largely the product of his outside-looking-in dynamic. Oh, and he’s a comedian, not a journalist. Oh, and we think Anderson Cooper probably has the inside track for this. source

05 May 2010 11:03


Biz: CNN and CBS News: Two great tastes that taste great together?

  • CNN The news network has been getting
    killed in the ratings, but still has one
    of the best news-gathering crews in
    the industry (when not distracted by
    fluff). And hey, Anderson Cooper!
  • CBS News The network had to cut back on
    their news staff, but sees CNN as a
    way to stay competitive. They’re
    also getting killed in the ratings – oh
    hey, Anderson Cooper! source

05 Mar 2010 22:16


Culture: ChatRoulette officially over now that The Daily Show has covered it

  • That “Mexican food” analogy is painfully true. The Daily Show covered the topic du jour of the light media set – Chatroulette. He seems to agree with us on its faddish nature, except while noting the high level of nudity. Then, Stewart takes a spin through the site, which he jokes is loaded with reporters, and finds some – including a hilarious self-parody by Keith Olbermann and a bunch of other famous faces (Katie Couric and Brian Williams – sweet!).

10 Jan 2010 21:45


Politics: Sarah Palin called an idiot yet again – this time on “60 Minutes”

  • She still didn’t really understand why there was a North Korea and a South Korea. She was still regularly saying that Saddam Hussein had been behind 9/11.
  • John McCain’s 2008 campaign strategist, Steve Schmidt • Regarding Sarah “Going Rogue” Palin’s faults as a vice presidential candidate – and as a human being, really. Schmidt went further, saying she was woefully misinformed about policy issues and overly concerned about her political standing in Alaska on the day she had a key interview with Katie Couric. Despite this, Schmidt admits that if she wasn’t on the ticket, the campaign would’ve faltered even worse than it did. source

24 Nov 2009 10:59


Culture: They’re like Facebook party pics, except with Katie Couric


  • Considering we’ve looked this stupid on the dance floor before, no comment. source

13 Nov 2009 10:26


Politics: “Going Rogue” leak: Sarah Palin trashes Katie Couric & John McCain

  • Perhaps the biggest target of Sarah Palin’s scorn in “Going Rogue”? Katie Couric, with whom she had a miserable interview last year during the McCain campaign. The former vice presidential wannabe also says (according to Drudge, who got a copy of the book) that McCain’s people blocked her from having any meaningful discussion with the press. If you’ve heard her speak since, you know exactly why, and it’s probably better she was held back. In other news, Levi’s Playgirl shoot featured a hockey stick. source

21 Sep 2009 22:23


Politics: Glenn Beck: I love Hillary Clinton, hate John McCain. WTF?

  • Do we live in Bizarro World or something? We have to admit that when we watched this, our brains exploded just a little bit. Well, good for you or something, Glenn. source