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07 Feb 2012 10:20


Politics: Biden pitches affordable education plan to Florida college students

  • The single most significant thing we can do is have the best educated population in the world. It literally is the thing, the key that leads to everything else from our economic security to our physical security.
  • Vice President Joe Biden • Speaking at Florida State University about America’s education. Biden said in his speech that he wants to make education in America more affordable, citing his own experience with higher education, in which his father was initially denied for a loan. Biden ended up going anyway, eventually getting a bachelor’s degree from the University of Delaware, a law degree from Syracuse and a spot in the White House.  Biden says the Obama administration won’t waver from its goal of providing better education, while at the same time making it more affordable for more parts of society. Biden’s a bit up against it, though: His visit to Florida comes as the state legislature plans to vote on statewide tuition hikes. source

22 Aug 2011 23:28


U.S., World: Never fear, Captain Biden is here, and he’s a Big #(&@(&% Deal!

  • When in Mongolia…: Vice President Joe Biden visited Mongolia as his latest stop on his Asian tour. Mongolia is expected to open its natural resources to foreign investors soon. While we’re not sure if Biden makes the best diplomat, he’s definitely the one we trust the most with a bow and arrow. (You might’ve heard that the guy who preceded him in the job had some trouble handling weapons properly.) On his trip, he was also presented with a horse, which Biden named “Celtic”. Can you say “live-action ‘Mulan’ remake”? source

22 Mar 2011 12:41


Culture: Upcoming HBO slogan: It’s not TV. It’s Dick Cheney!

  • And now, ladies and gentlemen: Dick Cheney will soon be returning to the American limelight in the form of an HBO miniseries. The polarizing (and I think even the most hardened pro-Cheney partisan would admit, oft-glowering) former Veep’s entire career is said to be the focus of the series, from his rise in the Nixon administration, to the House of Representatives, to his roles in both Bush administrations. The series will be based on a Frontline documentary called “The Dark Side,” as well as a book called “Angler: The Cheney Vice Presidency” by Barton Gellman. source

16 Nov 2010 22:17


Politics: Dick Cheney’s dramatic change in appearance only took months

  • Dick Cheney, February 2010Earlier this year at CPAC, the former vice president gave a notable speech that put him in front of the public eye very notably. Soon after, his well-documented health problems crept back, leading to a lengthy hospital stay in July that led to months of speculation.
  • Dick Cheney, today At George W. Bush’s groundbreaking for his presidential library, Cheney showed up looking a heckuva lot thinner and a tad bit like C. Montgomery Burns. What happened? He lost a ton of weight in the hospital. But he’s reportedly doing a lot better. source

13 Sep 2010 21:06


Tech: Famous first words: Nokia VP quits before being ahead

  • I am committed, perhaps even obsessed, with getting Nokia back to being number one in high-end devices.
  • Nokia VP Anssi Vanjoki • In a blog post he wrote soon after starting in his position with the company way back in July (for those playing at home, it’s September). He’s already submitted his resignation. Why? Nokia is currently in a state of disarray because they haven’t really done anything stupidly innovative in a long time. The Nokia N8 is a start, but it isn’t on the market yet, so we can’t judge. As for Vanjoki, he doesn’t seem so obsessed with getting Nokia back to the top anymore. “The time has come to seek new opportunities in my life,” he said. source

18 Jul 2010 10:34


Politics: Joe Biden’s bullish on Democratic prospects in the midterms

You know … basically the opposite of what Robert Gibbs said like a week ago. Also, is it just us, or does Biden strike a King Hippo pose here? source

18 Jul 2010 09:18


Politics: Biden’s presidential campaign nicked: A big #O(&ing deal?

  • $219,000owed over
    violations source

01 Jun 2010 12:36


10 Mar 2010 10:15


World: Israel learns building stuff on the West Bank unpopular with the U.S.

  • Yesterday the decision by the Israeli government to advance planning for new housing units in East Jerusalem undermines that very trust, the trust that we need right now in order to begin … profitable negotiations.
  • Vice President Joe Biden (in tandem with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas) • Regarding Israel’s decision to begin building Jewish settlements on the West Bank, which was great timing because Joe-boy just happened to be in town. Abbas wants Israel to reverse its decision. This is also bad because Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu put a halt to all housing starts for ten months back in November. For those playing at home, it hasn’t been ten months. And Netanyahu is pissed. source

23 Feb 2010 20:53


U.S.: No, Dick Cheney’s fifth heart attack isn’t a rare occurrence

  • yes Former vice president Dick Cheney had a heart attack. It’s his fifth in 32 years. Dude’s had a long history of heart problems big and small.
  • no Uncle Fester isn’t going to die. He’s still alive because medicine is improving (and he spoke at CPAC). It isn’t rare at all. source