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08 Feb 2012 21:18


Politics: South Carolinian adults are not so aware of the Vice President

  • 29.3% of South Carolinians don’t know the VP source
  • » Joe B. Anonymous: According to a recent poll conducted by Winthrop University, the above percentage of adult residents of South Carolina couldn’t name the current Vice President of the United States. In fact, 3% of those polled claimed Dick Cheney was still roaming the halls of the White House. Sounds like Joe Biden has some work to do on his name recognition, no?

07 Feb 2012 10:20


Politics: Biden pitches affordable education plan to Florida college students

  • The single most significant thing we can do is have the best educated population in the world. It literally is the thing, the key that leads to everything else from our economic security to our physical security.
  • Vice President Joe Biden • Speaking at Florida State University about America’s education. Biden said in his speech that he wants to make education in America more affordable, citing his own experience with higher education, in which his father was initially denied for a loan. Biden ended up going anyway, eventually getting a bachelor’s degree from the University of Delaware, a law degree from Syracuse and a spot in the White House.  Biden says the Obama administration won’t waver from its goal of providing better education, while at the same time making it more affordable for more parts of society. Biden’s a bit up against it, though: His visit to Florida comes as the state legislature plans to vote on statewide tuition hikes. source

29 Oct 2011 18:12


U.S.: Joe Biden is not actually comparing Republicans to arsonists, kids

  • Republicans moralizing about deficits. That’s like an arsonist moralizing about fire safety. These guys have zero credibility.
  • Vice President Joe Biden • Turning up the funny at a speech to Florida Democrats at Walt Disney World on Saturday afternoon. source

12 Oct 2011 10:52


U.S., World: Iran assassination plot: U.S. officials take super-hard line

  • The U.S. has something it’s trying to sell to the world. In case you’re wondering what that is, it’s that Iran is a very bad country — particularly in the wake of an assassination plot involving a Saudi diplomat —and we need to make sure they know it. “It’s critically important that we unite the world in the isolation of and dealing with the Iranians,” Vice President Joe Biden said today. “That’s the surest way to be able to get results.” He suggests that down the line, actions could go beyond sanctions, even, though we’re not at that point yet. He’s not alone. Here’s Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: “This really, in the minds of many diplomats and government officials, crosses a line that Iran needs to be held to account for.” You get the feeling from reading these that the U.S. has been waiting for a moment like this for a while. source

09 Sep 2011 13:57


U.S.: Joe Biden on terror threat: “We do have talk about using a car bomb”

  • There are specifics — in that sense it was credible — but there’s no certitude. There’s no smoking gun, but we do have talk about using a car bomb.
  • Vice President Joe Biden • Speaking on the credible terror threat this morning while on “Good Morning America.” He was slightly less vague than Michael Bloomberg was last night. NYC and DC have upped their security ahead of the 9/11 anniversary as a result of the threat, which up to this point has proven incredibly vague. Let’s hope that, whatever it is, authorities have their ducks in a row. source

22 Aug 2011 23:28


U.S., World: Never fear, Captain Biden is here, and he’s a Big #(&@(&% Deal!

  • When in Mongolia…: Vice President Joe Biden visited Mongolia as his latest stop on his Asian tour. Mongolia is expected to open its natural resources to foreign investors soon. While we’re not sure if Biden makes the best diplomat, he’s definitely the one we trust the most with a bow and arrow. (You might’ve heard that the guy who preceded him in the job had some trouble handling weapons properly.) On his trip, he was also presented with a horse, which Biden named “Celtic”. Can you say “live-action ‘Mulan’ remake”? source

04 Jul 2011 16:31


U.S.: Follow the leader: Joe Biden has an official VP twitter account

  • A few days after President Obama started tweeting, our VP is too. Well, it’s not really him, but it still shows how hard the White House is trying to reach people through social media. Sure, it’s kinda lame, but it’s also pretty cool – after all, they wouldn’t be trying things like this if they didn’t care, right? It’s also pretty interesting to note that Joe Biden had a Twitter account back when he was a senator, but it hasn’t been updated since August of 2008. source

31 Mar 2011 11:10


Politics: Biden: Republicans and Democrats nearing deal in budget talks

  • $33 billion in cuts in the latest, tentative budget proposal source
  • » Still not a sure thing: Joe Biden, who has been negotiating a budget with the Republicans, says that he and Republicans are now “working off the same number” in their talks. However, John Boehner’s spokesman made it clear that “there is no deal until everything is settled.” If this budget passes, the cuts will fall drastically short of the $100 billion Republicans pledged to cut during last November’s elections. If it doesn’t, a government shutdown will become a near-certainty.

24 Dec 2010 09:44


Politics: Gay marriage advocates, here’s a Christmas present from Joe Biden

  • I think the country’s evolving, and I think there’s an inevitability for a national consensus on gay marriage.
  • Vice President Joe Biden • Offering up the kind of phrase on “Good Morning America” this morning that will get gay marriage advocates cheering. They may even say that it’s a “big fucking deal” on a hot mic just as the president is gonna make an announcement. Now, if only he can get Obama on board for this … source

07 Oct 2010 01:42


Politics: White House, Hillary Clinton deny job-swapping rumors

  • denial Robert Gibbs had this to say about Bob Woodward’s vice president rumors: “It’s just not true, It is not anything that is being discussed here.” He added that Obama is very happy with Joe Biden as his vice president.
  • denial Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton added this rebuttal to the record (while noting they were all very busy people): “I have absolutely no interest and no reason for doing anything other than just dismissing these stories and moving on.” source