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09 Sep 2011 13:57


U.S.: Joe Biden on terror threat: “We do have talk about using a car bomb”

  • There are specifics — in that sense it was credible — but there’s no certitude. There’s no smoking gun, but we do have talk about using a car bomb.
  • Vice President Joe Biden • Speaking on the credible terror threat this morning while on “Good Morning America.” He was slightly less vague than Michael Bloomberg was last night. NYC and DC have upped their security ahead of the 9/11 anniversary as a result of the threat, which up to this point has proven incredibly vague. Let’s hope that, whatever it is, authorities have their ducks in a row. source

12 Dec 2010 10:34


World: Sweden calls deadly Stockholm blasts “terror crimes”

So, not long before this blast (and another one) took place, a Swedish newspaper got a threatening letter about those Prophet Mohammed caricatures. Great. source

27 Nov 2010 11:19


U.S.: Portland tree-lighting bomb suspect had been plotting for months

  • You know there’s going to be a lot of children there? You know there are gonna be a lot of children there?
  • An FBI operative working undercover • Talking to Portland, Oregon tree-lighting bombing suspect Mohamed Osman Mohamud back in August, months before the incident took place. Portland police stopped Mohamud a mere 18 minutes before the ceremony began, which is kind of amazing. They say, though, that the the device wasn’t in any shape to actually explode (because the FBI supplied it to him, even though he tried to detonate it) and that the public was never in any danger. Whew. source

10 Nov 2010 10:01


World: Car bombs explode outside Iraqi Christian homes, kill three

Here’s the scene, through the frame of a blown-out car in Baghdad. Should we be worried that Christians, specifically, in Iraq are getting attacked? source

03 Nov 2010 11:02


World: Baghdad violence: Car bombs rip through Shiite neighborhoods

  • 14 car bombs exploded in Baghdad at various points Tuesday night
  • 50+ people were killed in the blasts, largely in Shiite neighborhoods
  • 300+ people were injured just days after another hugely violent incident source