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14 Feb 2011 10:53


Tech: Why is everyone skeptical of Nokia’s Microsoft deal, anyway?

  • reason The company’s newest CEO, Stephen Elop, was an executive at Microsoft before becoming Nokia’s figurehead – and he just spearheaded the Microsoft deal.
  • evidence The new president of U.S.-focused Nokia, Inc. is Chris Weber, who spent 16 years at Microsoft. Gaining competitive advantage by trojan horse much? source
  • » Here comes the denial: While many are suspicious of Elop’s motives, he personally denies that’s what took place. “The obvious answer is no,” Elop said. “We made sure that the entire management team was involved in the process, and of course the board of directors of Nokia are the only ones that can make this significant of a decision about Nokia. They made that final decision on Thursday night.” For some reason, we’re guessing he had that response ready.

13 Feb 2011 11:50


Tech: Three reasons why Microsoft’s Nokia deal really sucks for Nokia

  • one Their long-popular Symbian OS was created mostly as a reaction to Microsoft’s plans to enter the mobile market over a decade ago. This move tastes like crow.
  • two The profit margins on Nokia phones right now are roughly 30 percent. With a Windows-licensed phone, it’s much closer to 5-10 percent – a huge drop in revenues.
  • three This is the worst one by far – 20,000 Finnish Nokia employees will likely lose their jobs due to redundancy – a HUGE chunk of people by any stretch. source

11 Feb 2011 21:59


Tech: Nokia, Microsoft forced to fight for smartphone scraps together

  • This photo, showing Microsoft and Nokia’s CEOs, basically explains the entire story on its own. Nokia’s Stephen Elop: Down with whatever random OS we were trying to make that won’t succeed on the market because we waited too long! Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer: Up with our in-just-before-the-wire Windows Phone 7! By the way, how sad is it that Nokia, which basically wrote the script on the modern cell phone, now has to hop in bed with Microsoft to even keep up? source

16 Dec 2010 11:15


Tech: Nokia fires fresh salvo in ongoing patent war with Apple

  • 13 new patent claims made by Nokia against Apple source
  • » Whiny babies on both sides: Nokia, which hasn’t exactly been doing all that great in the market lately (but created a lot of fundamental technologies for mobile devices), sued Apple over a bunch of patents last year. Then Apple countersued. Nokia then went as far as asking the U.S. International Trade Commission to halt imports of Apple products. You know, how much does suing the hell out of one another solve? Nothing.

10 Nov 2010 11:01


Tech: Nokia’s cell phone share dipping as competitors catch up

  • 36.7% Nokia’s percentage of the overall cell phone market a year ago; they had the biggest share
  • 28.2% Nokia’s share of the  market now; they’re losing on smartphones AND dumbphones
  • 2004 the last time they fell below 30 percent in worldwide mobile market share source

13 Sep 2010 21:06


Tech: Famous first words: Nokia VP quits before being ahead

  • I am committed, perhaps even obsessed, with getting Nokia back to being number one in high-end devices.
  • Nokia VP Anssi Vanjoki • In a blog post he wrote soon after starting in his position with the company way back in July (for those playing at home, it’s September). He’s already submitted his resignation. Why? Nokia is currently in a state of disarray because they haven’t really done anything stupidly innovative in a long time. The Nokia N8 is a start, but it isn’t on the market yet, so we can’t judge. As for Vanjoki, he doesn’t seem so obsessed with getting Nokia back to the top anymore. “The time has come to seek new opportunities in my life,” he said. source

19 Jul 2010 11:11


Biz: Nokia Siemens buys part of Motorola that makes the magic happen

  • $1.2 billion for Motorola’s mobile gear division source

03 Jun 2010 10:45


Tech: Ever wanted to charge your phone with a bike? Today’s your lucky day

  • Do you know how many urban hipsters would use something like this to charge their phones? Oh wait, it’s a Nokia product. Nevermind. That’s fine, though, because it’s not designed for urban hipsters, but developing countries lacking electrical outlets. source

08 May 2010 12:58


Tech: Lamesauce: Nokia’s latest lawsuit against Apple

This whole fight, which now includes the 3G iPad, strikes us as a big kid picking a fight with a slightly younger big kid over playground turf. source

15 Feb 2010 10:40


Tech: Windows Phone 7 not the only mobile OS to officially launch today

  • bada Samsung launched Bada today, which isn’t super-hot according to Wired. Biggest problem? Unintuitive and useless user interface.
  • meego Intel and Nokia forged an unlikely alignment by mashing together their two Linux-based products (Moblin and MaeMo) to make MeeGo.