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11 Feb 2011 21:59


Tech: Nokia, Microsoft forced to fight for smartphone scraps together

  • This photo, showing Microsoft and Nokia’s CEOs, basically explains the entire story on its own. Nokia’s Stephen Elop: Down with whatever random OS we were trying to make that won’t succeed on the market because we waited too long! Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer: Up with our in-just-before-the-wire Windows Phone 7! By the way, how sad is it that Nokia, which basically wrote the script on the modern cell phone, now has to hop in bed with Microsoft to even keep up? source

14 Oct 2010 10:31


Tech: Yahoo blames Google Instant for their own search problems

  • I bet even the folks at Google are mystified by this kind of accounting.
  • Yahoo! Senior VP of Search & Marketplaces Shashi Seth • Trying to explain why Google gained on them by nearly a point in the overall search rankings. Hint: He thinks it has everything to do with Google Instant skewing the results. To which we say, whatever. This sounds like an excuse by a VP in a sector that needs explanations for their mediocre performance. Note that nobody dipped anywhere near as badly as Yahoo did last month. source