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19 Feb 2011 22:48


Tech: Google wants to improve search results by asking your friends

  • Question of the day: Do your friends make your search results better? A couple of days ago, when we were worried about Glenn Beck, Google announced an update to their social search that makes it easier to integrate your friend’s social streams from multiple networks into Google’s search results. If your friends suck and offer terrible advice, you need new friends. Which is also why you shouldn’t use this. But even if their advice is sound, does this cross a privacy line? source

14 Oct 2010 10:31


Tech: Yahoo blames Google Instant for their own search problems

  • I bet even the folks at Google are mystified by this kind of accounting.
  • Yahoo! Senior VP of Search & Marketplaces Shashi Seth • Trying to explain why Google gained on them by nearly a point in the overall search rankings. Hint: He thinks it has everything to do with Google Instant skewing the results. To which we say, whatever. This sounds like an excuse by a VP in a sector that needs explanations for their mediocre performance. Note that nobody dipped anywhere near as badly as Yahoo did last month. source

10 Jun 2010 10:18


Biz: Between searches and Twitter, BP’s PR defense mechanism is in full force

BP’s spending a bunch of money to have the top Google result on “Oil Spill.” Also @BPGlobalPR changed its description to note it’s a parody. source

07 Dec 2009 21:29


Tech: Wear a seat belt: Google’s real-time search means new results, fast

Google now has Twitter, Facebook and MySpace in its searches. Which means that you’re bound to get your hair tussled by the results whooshing by. source