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14 Dec 2010 10:27


Tech: Who had the year’s most powerful tweet? NBC’s Ann Curry.

  • According to Twitter, this was the year’s “most powerful tweet.” It’s notable that so much of the year’s news directly affected Twitter in every way, shape and form, and Ann Curry’s moment of advocacy in the wake of this year’s Haiti earthquake really stood out. Other highlights? The president of Ecuador calling a state of emergency via a tweet, Prince William announcing his marriage, our boys @BPGlobalPR making fun of BP, and Conan O’Brien announcing his second-act tour. All this stuff happened on Twitter. Who cares if only six percent of people in the U.S. are using Twitter, guys? The other 94 percent appear to be missing out. source

10 Jun 2010 10:18


Biz: Between searches and Twitter, BP’s PR defense mechanism is in full force

BP’s spending a bunch of money to have the top Google result on “Oil Spill.” Also @BPGlobalPR changed its description to note it’s a parody. source

31 May 2010 10:57


Politics: It’s official: @_____GlobalPR is an effective Twitter protest tool

  • Regarding the Gaza flotilla incident, please rest assured that we will not be suffering the consequences of our actions
  • The initial tweet from @IsraelGlobalPR • Regarding the Gaza flotilla incident that’s got Israel in hot water this morning. Clearly modeled after @BPGlobalPR, it even parodies that Twitter account. “At least our Top Kill was successful, @BPGlobalPR,” they wrote about an hour ago. Not a good sign for your industry/country when this type of protest crops up. It’s incredibly effective. source

24 May 2010 23:03


Offbeat: @BPGlobalPR: A @FakeAPStylebook for the Gulf oil spill

  • Oh man, this whole time we’ve been trying to stop SEAWATER from gushing into our OIL. Stupid Terry was holding the diagram upside down.
  • A tweet by @BPGlobalPR • Which, in the span of 57 tweets, has managed to capture the imagination of 15,000 Twitter users worldwide with an often hilarious parody of one of the worst oil spills on record, and the major oil company’s inept response. We wish we could be so hilarious that @Alyssa_Milano says that our tweets are awesome. And also so that we’d respond like this: “We’ve been told @Alyssa_Milano loves our tweets. I guess that officially makes us the boss. #bpcares #bpistheboss.” A blog can dream, can’t it? source