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04 Oct 2011 00:32


Culture: Andy Rooney: sad to see him go, love to watch him tweet

  • sad news Andy Rooney’s retirement might come as a relief to some people who think he might be too hard on chocolate chip cookies, but you can’t deny the man’s media presence. He’s written many books in addition to appearing in 1,000 “60 Minutes” segments.
  • consolation  There are two really hilarious fake Twitter accounts for Rooney. A sample of their selection? “My great grandson is coming over tomorrow to attach my Twitter to my phone. Luckily, we recently got rid of our rotary and got a touchtone.” source

08 May 2011 19:55


Politics: Barack Obama explains the Bin Laden thang to “60 Minutes”

Know how sure Obama was that Osama bin Laden was in that Pakistani compound? 55 percent. But he went for it anyway. Like a boss. source

16 Feb 2011 15:39


Politics: Sen. Scott Brown revisits childhood physical, sexual abuse

  • Hats off to Scott Brown: Discussing traumatic events from one’s life is never easy, especially to a large, disparate public. Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown is doing just that. An upcoming 60 Minutes interview will touch on his sexual abuse at the hands of a camp counselor when he was ten, as well as physical abuse by multiple stepfathers. Brown, a moderate GOP senator who has earned much respect during his year in office, deserves an immense amount of credit for this, hopefully giving an example to youth in the same position to report abuse. source

05 Dec 2010 23:16


Tech: Mark Zuckerberg’s “60 Minutes” appearance gets testy

  • On the plus side, at least he wasn’t sweating. Months after Kara Swisher turned Mark Zuckerberg into a puddle of goo over privacy issues, the Facebook founder was on “60 Minutes” talking privacy with Lesley Stahl, and not turning into a puddle of goo. Odds that he’s been coached since that infamous incident: Even. source

13 May 2010 21:46


Music: Andy Rooney of “60 Minutes” officially the oldest man alive

  • “How come I don’t know any of the bands on the Billboard chart? Who’s Lady Gaga?  Where’s my oatmeal? Get off my lawn! And change my Depends!”

03 May 2010 10:51


Culture: How Conan O’Brien picked himself up from a crappy situation

  • beard “That was my small victory,
    you know. OK, so I lost ‘The
    Tonight Show,’ but I’ll show them – I’ll stop shaving.”
  • tour “When we started putting this tour together, I started to feel better almost immediately. There is almost no better antidote.” source
  • » But what about Jay Leno? The comic didn’t mince words in talking about his new adversary. “Jay’s got The Tonight Show. I have a beard and an inflatable bat. And I’m touring city to city. Who can say who won and who lost?”

10 Jan 2010 21:45


Politics: Sarah Palin called an idiot yet again – this time on “60 Minutes”

  • She still didn’t really understand why there was a North Korea and a South Korea. She was still regularly saying that Saddam Hussein had been behind 9/11.
  • John McCain’s 2008 campaign strategist, Steve Schmidt • Regarding Sarah “Going Rogue” Palin’s faults as a vice presidential candidate – and as a human being, really. Schmidt went further, saying she was woefully misinformed about policy issues and overly concerned about her political standing in Alaska on the day she had a key interview with Katie Couric. Despite this, Schmidt admits that if she wasn’t on the ticket, the campaign would’ve faltered even worse than it did. source

14 Sep 2009 10:20


Politics: Obama: “How can we make sure civility is interesting?”

  • Last night, Obama was on “60 Minutes” discussing health care. This segment is perhaps the most interesting part of the whole thing. He discusses Joe Wilson a little but turns it into a broader statement on civility in our current political discourse. (What happened to it?) We don’t care which side you’re on. Obama’s points are sound here and should be heeded by everyone.source

16 Mar 2009 09:34


Biz, U.S.: Ben Bernanke: We COULD be out of the woods by late ’09

  • We’ve seen some progress in the financial markets, absolutely. But until we get that stabilized and working normally, we’re not going to see recovery.
  • Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke • On the recession and the biggest problem – the clogged up credit and financial markets. Bernanke said that if things ease up, the recession could end this year. Also, he was on “60 Minutes” last night, where he mentioned he’s “slammed the phone more than a few times on discussing AIG.” • source