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02 Dec 2010 10:16


Politics: Romney drops strong hints of his 2012 aspirations on Leno

  • If someone’s looking for me to say something negative about Sarah Palin, why, that’s not going to come from me. I mean, did you see what she did to the halibut the other night on her show? Yeah, I’m not in for that …
  • Presumptive 2012 candidate Mitt Romney • Dodging the issue of what he thinks of Sarah Palin by ripping on her fish-clubbing skills. Slick, Mit, slick. He was on Jay Leno (boo) talking about himself (boo), and was sounding awfully presidential. Will he run for president? Is water wet? source

05 Nov 2010 10:56


Culture: Fun fact: “The Daily Show” top late-night show in demo

  • 1.3M the rating “The Daily Show” earned among the key 18-49 demo last month
  • 1.2M the rating “The Tonight Show” and “The Late Show” earned, meaning Jon Stewart beat them
  • 900k the rating “The Colbert Report” earned in the demo, topping Jimmy Fallon source

03 May 2010 10:51


Culture: How Conan O’Brien picked himself up from a crappy situation

  • beard “That was my small victory,
    you know. OK, so I lost ‘The
    Tonight Show,’ but I’ll show them – I’ll stop shaving.”
  • tour “When we started putting this tour together, I started to feel better almost immediately. There is almost no better antidote.” source
  • » But what about Jay Leno? The comic didn’t mince words in talking about his new adversary. “Jay’s got The Tonight Show. I have a beard and an inflatable bat. And I’m touring city to city. Who can say who won and who lost?”

19 Feb 2010 14:34


Culture: Conan goes on tour? It’s crazy enough that it just might happen

  • His management has been trying to book a tour. One of the regulations Conan has on his contract is that he can’t show up on TV in any role besides an actor until September. But they didn’t say anything about showing up live! So, instead of sitting on the beach drinking mojitos for nine months, he decided that he’d rather be working. If this goes off, it’s gonna rule. Team Coco for life! source

22 Jan 2010 23:30


Culture: Conan O’Brien’s parting words are words to live by, really

  • All I ask of you is one thing: please don’t be cynical. I hate cynicism – it’s my least favorite quality and it doesn’t lead anywhere. Nobody in life gets exactly what they thought they were going to get. But if you work really hard and you’re kind, amazing things will happen.
  • Conan O’Brien • Concluding his final episode on “The Tonight Show” with a heartfelt touch more powerful than a million “The More You Know” promo ads could muster. Conan’s to-be-aired show reportedly features a ton of guests, heartfelt moments and the host finally coming around and saying nice things about his to-be-former bosses, even though he claims he could say whatever he wanted to on the last episode. He’s handled this whole situation like a prince. We admire the guy greatly. Team Conan! source

19 Jan 2010 10:14


Culture: Conan on Craigslist’s Casual Encounters: “Drapes Match the Carpet”

Conan’s brilliant reaction to “The Tonight Show” controversy got a whole lot more brilliant, thanks to Craigslist. Too bad some jerk flagged the post. source

16 Jan 2010 10:36


Culture: Dick Ebersol’s Conan pseudo-backlash isn’t gonna work, guys

  • Dick Ebersol is the kind of flamboyant exec with strong opinions about things — some of which, including comedy, he knows little about. This is the guy who, when he took over “Saturday Night Live” in the early ’80s, thought that then-‘SNL’-writer Larry David was talent-less.
  • Entertainment Weekly TV columnist Ken Tucker • Working to neuter the folklore of the “Conan failed because he sucked” story perpetuated by NBC Sports exec Dick Ebersol. Ebersol ran “Saturday Night Live” back in the early ’80s, an era noted by the brand’s pure suckitude. It was only after Lorne Michaels returned to the throne that the show’s comedy started to improve again. Ebersol’s trying hard to sully Conan’s image, but it won’t wash. It’s too late for the backlash. Tucker makes an even better point – Ebersol is perfectly happy that the Olympics are going to lose money, despite the fact that he chided Conan for being a huge failure almost immediately after he started. Double-standard? source

15 Jan 2010 01:06


Culture: Craigslist hero: Conan’s funnier than crochety old man

  • Again, it’s certainly looking like Conan has the emotional upperhand, even as his show goes down the tubes thanks to NBC. While NBC Sports executive Dick Ebersol (who, as proven by his stay on SNL, wouldn’t know funny if it hit him in the face) savaged Conan in a New York Times article, saying “what this is really all about is an astounding failure by Conan,” Conan put his show up on Craigslist – a joke funnier than anything Jay Leno has come up with in about a decade. We hope Comcast fires Ebersol and Jeff Zucker, execution-style. source

12 Jan 2010 15:49


12 Jan 2010 15:41


Culture: Conan says “screw you, NBC, you guys suck” loudly, publicly

  • NO Conan won’t go back to 12:05 quietly source