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26 Oct 2010 20:24


Tech: PayPal (deservedly) gets the freeze from competitor WePay

  • Someone was gonna call them out for this at some point, and it might as well be WePay, a competitor which focuses on setting up group payments (rather than PayPal’s person-to-person payments). They put this giant block of ice outside of a PayPal developer conference in San Francisco earlier today. Publicity stunt? Sure. But PayPal has only been freezing accounts without cause for years, and what a way to call them out on it. source

14 Aug 2010 18:46


Culture: “Auto-tune the News” dudes turn an attempted rape into a TV pilot

  • The Gregory Brothers (and sister-in-law) have been turning autotuned news reports into gold for over a year now, and as “Bedroom Intruder” proves, they’re only getting better at their mad viral video skillz. More than the original clip itself, it turned Antoine Dodson into a star (and the attempted rape behind the video into the most-publicized attempted rape on record). So, it was only a matter of time until they turned their skills into a deal with a TV network – and a behind-the-scenes-focused pilot with Comedy Central is in the cards. Sometimes the internet is awesome. source

10 Aug 2010 00:00


Offbeat: Flight attendant with hurt feelings makes entertaining scene

Steven Slater got hit in the head with luggage. The passenger wouldn’t apologize, so he started talking crap on the PA. Then he fled down the emergency slide with two beers. source

31 Jul 2010 15:12


Offbeat: Washing machine + brick = Somehow the funniest thing ever

  • Poor washing machine. It didn’t even know what hit it. The key moment here hits at the 55-second mark, and it somehow adds a human element to the nature of washing machine destruction. LOL. It just turns into a jittering mess. source

24 Jul 2010 23:57


Music: Free joke setup: Kings of Leon forced offstage by bird poop

  • Jared (Followill) was hit several times during the first two songs. … It’s not only disgusting — it’s a toxic health hazard. They really tried to hang in there.
  • Vector Management rep Andy Mendelsohn • Regarding Kings of Leon’s decision to leave the stage … because birds (specifically pigeons) were pooping on them. We’re not making this up. Let’s just say that the very manly band behind such hits as “Molly’s Chambers” and “Sex on Fire” can’t handle a little bird poop, and therefore had to leave the stage and piss off several thousand fans. In their defense, though, they knew the opening bands were forced to deal with it and tried to go on anyway, making it through just three songs, despite Followill’s status as a germophobe. We bet Led Zeppelin played through worse. source

22 Jul 2010 11:05


Tech: Etsy win: Utter genius iPhone antenna stickers a huge hit

  • friday A couple of clever bastards put iPhone 4 antenna stickers up on Etsy and sell them for $5.
  • thursday They’re so popular that they claim to be “getting a new order every minute.” Ha. Ha. Ha. source

17 Jul 2010 16:15


Politics: Thanks SEO: Gene Weingarten laments the lost art of headlines

  • Newspapers still have headlines, of course, but they don’t seem to strive for greatness or to risk flopping anymore, because editors know that when the stories arrive on the Web, even the best headlines will be changed to something dull but utilitarian.
  • Washington Post supercolumnist Gene Weingarten • Explaining how newspapers have had to suck the life out of their headlines in pursuit of eyeballs. “Putting well-known names in headlines is considered shrewd, even if creativity suffers,” he writes. Personally, we write our headlines with some focus on SEO, but we’re totally willing to get out of the way of a good joke. One paper that does a good job of mixing SEO and classic headline art is The New York Times, probably because they can afford to. And SEO doesn’t mean you can’t be clever. See the headline Weingarten put on his story: “Gene Weingarten column mentions Lady Gaga.” source

16 Jul 2010 10:33


Offbeat: Awkward Stock Photos: Sometimes an idea just sucks, guys

The problem with stock photos sometimes is that they really suck. Some are just so bad that nobody would ever use them. Hence, this site. (Hat tip Charles Apple) source

05 Jul 2010 09:57


Music: Justin Bieber may have met his match with 4chan (thank God)

  • cause Justin Bieber’s people put up a poll on his Web site asking people where they think he should tour next.
  • reaction 4chan decided to vote it up, pushing the teen pop singer to communist foothold North Korea (ahahaha). source

20 Jun 2010 11:32


Culture: Is there an “Avatar” porn moving coming out (in 3D)?!

  • YES Larry Flynt, porn’s James Cameron, is making it source