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22 Jul 2010 11:05


Tech: Etsy win: Utter genius iPhone antenna stickers a huge hit

  • friday A couple of clever bastards put iPhone 4 antenna stickers up on Etsy and sell them for $5.
  • thursday They’re so popular that they claim to be “getting a new order every minute.” Ha. Ha. Ha. source

16 Jul 2010 17:01


Tech: WTF? Apple has these weird rooms for testing antenna signals

  • Out of the many frank things that came out of Apple’s rage-filled press conference today was the existence of these rooms where they test the signals of their cell phones. They look like the dream chambers of a science fiction author, not a real-world cell phone testing place. We wonder if this place is available for parties or weddings or that sort of thing. It would be one of the most awesome spaces ever for something like that. source

16 Jul 2010 13:07


15 Jul 2010 10:48


Tech: Is Apple finally ready to come clean about their antenna problems?

  • They have a press conference scheduled for Friday. However, while it will be about the iPhone 4, there’s no word on whether or not it’s actually about the antenna issue, which Consumer Reports went out of their way to turn into a full-fledged PR crisis the other day. On the scale of smart public relations moves, it certainly beats Steve Jobs telling a customer, “You’re holding it the wrong way.” Unless they plan to stonewall some more. source

12 Jul 2010 23:02


Tech: Consumer Reports throws buckets of cold water on the iPhone 4

  • If it wasn’t obvious before, Apple has a huge design problem with the iPhone 4. And now Consumer Reports has confirmed it through vigorous testing. Which means that yes, Apple does have a huge problem on its hands, and yes, Apple is covering it up. The suggestion at the end of this clip is enough to ruin Jony Ive’s entire week. source

02 Jul 2010 11:35


Tech: Apple’s stance on the antenna thing: The signal bars are a lie!

  • We have discovered the cause of this dramatic drop in bars, and it is both simple and surprising. Upon investigation, we were stunned to find that the formula we use to calculate how many bars of signal strength to display is totally wrong.
  • A press release from Apple • Explaining what they think is causing the real problem with the iPhone’s reception (kinda). It’s not the reception itself that’s bad, they say, but the way it was presented. Engadget explained a little of what was happening yesterday. Basically, the levels at which it displays five bars are much higher than where it displays four bars, but everything else is at a fairly similar level. We’re guessing this doesn’t explain everything, and it’s not going to completely placate iPhone users. Give them all bumpers! source

30 Jun 2010 10:42



25 Jun 2010 09:40


Tech: On that iPhone 4 antenna problem: An antenna designer’s take

  • Dude blames a compromise between numerous entities. Antenna designer Spencer Webb says the iPhone’s new antenna – which he didn’t work on – was clearly a challenge to create, in part due to FCC regulations which don’t take hand placement into account for some reason. “There is no way around this,” he says. “It’s a design compromise that is forced by the requirements of the FCC, AT&T, Apple’s marketing department and Apple’s industrial designers, to name a few.” source