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02 Jan 2011 00:18


Politics: Joe Miller: I don’t have Lisa Murkowski’s phone number

  • In his first interview after announcing his concession, in the very first question, Miller dropped the kind of land mine that ensures it’ll be hard for him to be elected dog catcher in Fairbanks. Seriously? You’re not going to call because you don’t have her number? Stop being a loser and call the woman already. E-mail her if you have to. Use Skype or FaceTime or something. Oh wait … see this page right here? There’s a list of all of her offices, with their phone numbers. It’s a holiday weekend, but we bet that if you called one of those offices on Monday morning, Joe, they might get you in touch with the Senator. Just a hunch.

31 Dec 2010 19:18


Politics: Joe Miller: I didn’t lose election, but the system won’t let me win

  • The time has come to accept the practical realities of the current legal circumstances.
  • Joe Miller • Admitting what’s been clear for about two months – he lost. What’s annoying about the phrasing of this statement was not that it congratulated Lisa Murkowski for her win, but suggested that he was only giving up because he didn’t stand a chance of winning an appeal. As does this phrase: “I accept that criticism knowing often doing what is right is not what is easy or popular. We were not successful in that endeavor, but it was a worthwhile one.” Get over yourself, Joe. You lost. Be a man instead of a jerk and call Lisa. It’s unbelievable that you haven’t been willing to call her to congratulate her. source

28 Dec 2010 21:41


Politics: Did Joe Miller lose his legal challenge in the Alaska Senate race?

  • YES we bet he shaves his beard after this whole mess source

27 Dec 2010 07:33


U.S.: Joe Miller for some reason won’t quit Alaska Senate race (still!)

  • yeah … Miller has confirmed that he won’t contest the confirmation of Lisa Murkowski’s November election win, because she won.
  • … but Because he for some reason can’t give in easily, Miller will be filing a lawsuit in federal court. Dude, just give it up already. You lost. source
  • » But why? His explanation: “After careful consideration and seeking the counsel of people whose opinion I respect and trust, I have decided that the federal case must go forward,” Miller said. “The integrity of the election is vital and ultimately the rule of law must be our standard.” Dude. You need new friends. At this rate, you won’t get elected for dog catcher.

10 Sep 2010 20:27


Politics: Obama to everybody: Uh, don’t screw with Muslims, guys

  • This country stands for the proposition that all men and women are created equal; that they have certain inalienable rights — one of those inalienable rights is to practice their religion freely.
  • President Barack Obama • Discussing the whole hubbub about religion in this country. Let’s just put it this way. Islam is getting a bad rap right now and Obama wants it to quit. “We are not at war against Islam,” Obama said. We are at war against terrorist organizations that have distorted Islam or falsely used the banner of Islam to engage in their destructive acts.” Which seems obvious but maybe not. source

30 Aug 2010 18:43


Tech: Thoughts on the Digg user revolt currently taking place

  • But not for the reason you think. It’s not because of its sudden change that it started sucking. It’s because it’s designed to encourage a minority of viewpoints, instead of the democratic thang that it sells itself as. It can be corrupted. It can be influenced. Fact of the matter is, Digg has never been about letting anyone have a voice. It’s structured in a way that makes it difficult for the small fry, whether they’re simply a small blog or an average user, to have any actual influence. At least with this redesign, Digg is being honest about it. The best part? They’ve actually made the site approachable to outsiders rather than the insular thing it had become. Instead of complaining about the changes, learn to accept them. Or go to Reddit. source

21 Aug 2010 14:54


Offbeat: Sun Chips bags so environmentally friendly, they won’t shut up

  • The thing is, you feel guilty about complaining since they are doing a good thing for the environment. But you want to snack quietly and you don’t want everyone in the house to know you are eating chips.
  • Sun Chips fan Kathy Frederick • On the major annoyance that is the new Sun Chips packaging. See, Frito-Lay, the makers of the chips, started packing them in new compostable bags, which are environmentally friendly but REALLY GOD DAMN LOUD. Loud enough that there’s multiple Facebook pages devoted to the phenomenon. This video puts the whole situation into perspective – the bag is nearly 20 decibels louder than your average chip bag. 95 decibels for a chip bag? And we thought normal chip bags were loud. source

07 Aug 2010 22:42


World: The dudes on the International Space Station suck at repairs

  • eight number of hours two astronauts spent on a spacewalk to fix the !&@@ing cooling system
  • no it didn’t work, so these guys are going to be really unhappy for a little while longer source

12 Jul 2010 23:02


Tech: Consumer Reports throws buckets of cold water on the iPhone 4

  • If it wasn’t obvious before, Apple has a huge design problem with the iPhone 4. And now Consumer Reports has confirmed it through vigorous testing. Which means that yes, Apple does have a huge problem on its hands, and yes, Apple is covering it up. The suggestion at the end of this clip is enough to ruin Jony Ive’s entire week. source

03 Jul 2010 19:31


Culture: Is the novel dead? Literary critic/jerk Lee Siegel says so

  • CRAP! We were going to write our novel starting next week! The New York Observer critic says that the novel, as an artform, has completely bypassed the American reading public, and novelists are better curators than writers. “For better or for worse, the greatest storytellers of our time are the non-fiction writers,” he writes, as numerous writers cry in their Earl Grey tea. Siegel thinks the overanalysis of the artform has turned into something readers can’t simply appreciate. Siegel’s critics argue that literary critics in general avoid more modern forms of literature, such as blogs and genre fiction. We argue that whether or not the novel is dead, idiotic posturing by people on ivory towers that has no effect on everyday life is alive and well. source