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22 Aug 2010 00:43


Politics: Hey, Obama vacation critics: Here’s a humbling number for you

  • 48 the number of days Obama has spent on vacation during his presidency; he’s getting lots of criticism
  • 115 the number of vacation days George W. Bush had taken at this point in his presidency source

03 Jul 2010 19:31


Culture: Is the novel dead? Literary critic/jerk Lee Siegel says so

  • CRAP! We were going to write our novel starting next week! The New York Observer critic says that the novel, as an artform, has completely bypassed the American reading public, and novelists are better curators than writers. “For better or for worse, the greatest storytellers of our time are the non-fiction writers,” he writes, as numerous writers cry in their Earl Grey tea. Siegel thinks the overanalysis of the artform has turned into something readers can’t simply appreciate. Siegel’s critics argue that literary critics in general avoid more modern forms of literature, such as blogs and genre fiction. We argue that whether or not the novel is dead, idiotic posturing by people on ivory towers that has no effect on everyday life is alive and well. source

12 Apr 2010 10:10


Politics: The professional god-like newspaper critic: A dying art form?

  • We’re all critics. If I were starting Entertainment Weekly today, it wouldn’t be a magazine, and it likely wouldn’t hire critics.
  • Entertainment Weekly founder (and iPad hatah) Jeff Jarvis • Regarding the state of criticdom. With a much wider variety of voices and the decline of the newspaper industry, the importance of movie, music, food and book critics is quickly declining, and some wonder if the nuance of the art will go away. “If Roger Ebert says it, does it carry value? Yes,” Jarvis notes. “But how many Roger Eberts are out there, and how many do we need?” Personally, we like Roger, but Metacritic gives a wider range. source

05 Mar 2010 21:22


Music: Awesome: Broken Bells have kids review one of their songs

  • One of these four kids has a future as a music critic. The other three seem like they would’ve liked anything that James Mercer and Danger Mouse played for them.

19 Aug 2009 10:20


U.S.: Polls: Town hall protesters aren’t changing anyone’s minds

  • 62% of people aren’t being swayed by town hall critics source

08 Aug 2009 10:35


Culture: “G.I. Joe” wasn’t screened. Now critics have seen it, say it sucks

  • 38% the action flick’s current Rotten Tomatoes rating source

01 May 2009 11:52


Culture: Wolverine is not feeling the love from the critics

  • 38% critics’ opinion of “Wolverine” on RottenTomatoes source

04 Mar 2009 21:47


Culture: Will “Watchmen” be any good? Maybe.

  • 64% the superhero movie’s current Rotten Tomatoes score source

21 Jan 2009 15:45


Culture: Here’s why “The Love Guru” leads in Razzie nominations

  • Many people suggested his own search for inner truth led him to make this movie but somewhere along the line he forgot it was supposed to be a comedy.
  • John Wilson • creator of the Golden Raspberries award, on Mike Myers’ awful attempt at a comedy, “The Love Guru,” which was universally panned by critics. It got seven Razzie nominations, by far the leader. • source