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19 Nov 2011 18:55


U.S.: Study: Drug usage, high childhood IQs may go hand-in-hand

  • Don’t be lulled by your kid’s good academic performance to think that they are not experimenting with drugs. It is commonplace with peers and it is naive to think that because you have a good, smart kid that they will not be curious.
  • Glen Oaks, N.Y., substance abuse official Bruce Goldman • Discussing a study that shows a connection between high childhood IQ and drug abuse. The study of 8,000 people showed that those who had high IQ scores when they were younger were more likely to use some illegal drugs at age 16 and at age 30. Despite this study, we still think kids should try their hardest in school; this isn’t some kind of crazy, blank check endorsement to dumb kids down even more. source

27 Jun 2010 00:04


Tech: New fact of life at Gulf beaches: Kids clobbered by tar balls

  • At first, this clip seems totally innocuous, but then there’s a scene with a young girl who’s absolutely freaked out because there’s a giant chunk of oil on her. It’s freaking scary the way Jaws was, kinda. Thanks, BP. Thanks for nothing.

24 Apr 2010 12:45


Offbeat: Man jokingly puts kids on Craiglist; police don’t get the joke

  • Joshua Stagnitto must be regretting his sense of humor. The Brockport, N.Y. resident, 24, put his two children up on Craigslist as a joke. Unfortunately for him, someone who saw the posting called child protective services, which turned the case into something of a criminal nature. He could face a $1,000 fine or a year in jail. This is despite the fact that, well, the kids are staying with their mom and aren’t in any danger of getting taken away. source

05 Mar 2010 21:22


Music: Awesome: Broken Bells have kids review one of their songs

  • One of these four kids has a future as a music critic. The other three seem like they would’ve liked anything that James Mercer and Danger Mouse played for them.

04 Jan 2010 20:56


Offbeat: Tattoo mom gets all “Memento” on her kids, does it herself

  • I’m not breaking the skin. It’s going to fade away, it’s like a pen mark.
  • Patty “Jo Jo” Marsh • On tattooing her kids using a homemade device – a pen and a guitar string. After the biological mother of some of the six kids she tattooed complained, Marsh and her husband, Jacob Edward Bartels, couldn’t understand what they did wrong (you know, besides break Georgia law about tattooing children and homemade tattoos). “I love my children, we’d never do anything to harm our kids,” she continued. You know, besides tattoo your kids using a pen and a guitar string. source

22 Nov 2009 10:19


Offbeat: Autotune + cute kids + finger biting = Amazing.

  • It’s official. You can autotune anything. For some reason, what should be a silly little one-off video turns into something vaguely more epic when you add autotune to it. These kids know how to turn a finger-biting incident into a bedroom jam.

26 Oct 2009 09:20


Offbeat: Chinese kids have to do the dumbest things for some reason

Apparently, Chinese children have to salute all cars that pass. ‘Cause you never know when one of these cars is going to be carrying the corpse of Chairman Mao. source

17 Oct 2009 11:17


U.S.: Your kids probably shouldn’t skip out on that swine flu vaccine

  • 86 children under 18 have died of swine flu since the outbreak first hit
  • eleven of those kids died in the last week; many of those kids were healthy source

13 Oct 2009 21:41


Offbeat: Otto the bus driver is a real guy. Except he’s British. And evil.

  • This massive prick (real name: Kerry Callard) decided it would be hilarious to splash a bunch of kids waiting for the bus to come. This is a total Otto the bus driver move. The only thing he’s missing is a bus. And a conscience. He could get fined for his general prickery. source

12 Sep 2009 13:30


Tech: The age barrier to cell phone mass adoption? 13 years old

  • 52% of kids between the ages of 12-13 own a cell phone
  • 72% of 14-year-olds have cell phones; it only rises from there source