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04 Jan 2010 20:56


Offbeat: Tattoo mom gets all “Memento” on her kids, does it herself

  • I’m not breaking the skin. It’s going to fade away, it’s like a pen mark.
  • Patty “Jo Jo” Marsh • On tattooing her kids using a homemade device – a pen and a guitar string. After the biological mother of some of the six kids she tattooed complained, Marsh and her husband, Jacob Edward Bartels, couldn’t understand what they did wrong (you know, besides break Georgia law about tattooing children and homemade tattoos). “I love my children, we’d never do anything to harm our kids,” she continued. You know, besides tattoo your kids using a pen and a guitar string. source

05 Oct 2009 10:39


Offbeat: Hey baby, want to see my Jesus tattoo?

  • Only in Florida … In Fort Walton Beach, Fla., a man with a Jesus tattoo was arrested for exposing himself to a woman. The 33-year-old, also sporting tattoos of praying hands and demonic goblins, thought he knew the woman, but when he realized he didn’t, he exposed himself. Because that’s clearly what you do in that sort of situation. source

26 Feb 2009 10:22


Offbeat, Tech: Dear Twitter user: Why would you do this to yourself?

OK, Failwhale is cute. But not tattoo-worthy. May we suggest never wearing shorts? source