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10 Nov 2010 09:31


U.S.: Our kinda party: A stuck cruise ship, two tugboats and some spam

  • 4,500 number of people stuck on a Carnival cruise ship off the coast of Mexico  after the engines were damaged in a fire
  • two number of tugboats pulling the damaged cruise ship to shore (at a somewhat speedy four miles an hour)
  • 100’s number of cans of Spam passengers of the ship now have after the Coast Guard dropped off some supplies source

29 Aug 2010 11:14


World: Chile mine rescuers have two plans to get trapped miners

  • four months the amount of time drilling a new hole to reach the miners will take
  • two months the amount of time expanding an existing hole will take source

27 Aug 2010 11:57


22 Aug 2010 20:54


World: Chilean miners: A feel-good (unless they don’t get out) story

  • 33 miners are stuck in a Chilean mine, which kinda sucks a lot
  • 17 the amount of time they’ve been stuck in the mine (yikes)
  • one the number of notes rescuers have saying that they’re OK source

27 Jun 2010 00:04


Tech: New fact of life at Gulf beaches: Kids clobbered by tar balls

  • At first, this clip seems totally innocuous, but then there’s a scene with a young girl who’s absolutely freaked out because there’s a giant chunk of oil on her. It’s freaking scary the way Jaws was, kinda. Thanks, BP. Thanks for nothing.

14 Jun 2010 11:05


Culture: Reasons Abby Sunderland’s dad might be a bad parent

  • one He let his son go on a solo sailing trip around the freaking world. He came back successfully.
  • two He then let his daughter do the same. She found herself stranded in the ocean. She’s OK.
  • three While his daughter was gone, he signed a deal to do a reality TV show with his family. source

02 Jun 2010 10:07


U.S.: Oil spill: Our last hope, a diamond-blade saw, is now stuck

  • OH THE HUMANITY! BP has screwed up like four dozen times in the last month, so why wouldn’t the saw they were using to cut the pipe in the oil spill get stuck IN THE PIPE? Seriously. We bet you all thought it was going to be a bunch of aliens that were going to end the human race. But no. It’s a saw blade stuck in a #(&(@(&! pipe that did it. (Above is a clip from the most riveting television on the air right now, the oil spill webcam.) source

20 May 2010 22:22


Culture: Lindsay Lohan read “Roman Polanski’s Guide to Court Evasion”

  • one number of passports the actress reportedly had stolen while in France for Cannes (she has a new one)
  • $100,000 the bail the trainwreck had to pay for missing a court date on a drunk-driving charge in L.A. source

08 Mar 2010 23:38


Biz: 911 cell phone caller: “HELP! MY PRIUS WON’T STOP!”

  • Police had to help them stop their vehicle. Everyone’s favorite barrel fish to shoot, the broken Toyota accelerator, reared its ugly head again tonight when someone in one of the hybrids could not stop their vehicle, at one point going as fast as 94 miles an hour. While the Prius in the past hasn’t suffered from the sticking pedal problems that Toyota’s other cars do, it does suffer from braking system issues (the 2010 model), along with a gas pedal that can get caught in the floor mat (the 2004-2009 models). source

17 Feb 2010 10:52


U.S.: A stuck gas pedal blamed for a crazy car at an auto auction

  • 27 people were injured (in a crowd of 100!) by the 1995 Volvo source