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23 Mar 2011 13:33


World: Scuba-capable Japanese man saves wife, mother

  • problem Hideaki Akaiwa was at work when the dual threats of earthquake and tsunami rocked Japan. He went home to find his neighborhood was under ten feet of water, his wife and mother nowhere to be found.
  • solution Akaiwa strapped on scuba gear and swam some 200 yards through debris (his estimate) to his house, where he found his wife. He found his mother that way, too, in the 2nd floor of another home. source

29 Aug 2010 11:14


World: Chile mine rescuers have two plans to get trapped miners

  • four months the amount of time drilling a new hole to reach the miners will take
  • two months the amount of time expanding an existing hole will take source

07 Apr 2010 10:57


U.S.: Random French tourist: I’m not a hero. I just wanted to help.

  • I don’t really think I’m a hero. Anyone would do the same thing. … I was just happy that I was able to help her, and I am just happy that the family has been reunited.
  • Julien Duret • Regarding a crazy rescue he played a part in over the weekend, where he jumped into NYC’s East River to save Bridget Sheridan, a toddler who had fallen in. And just as quickly as he rescued her (but fortunately not before the New York Daily News caught video of his rescue), he disappeared. Dude was on vacation and it was his last day in NYC. He didn’t realize he was a hero until he got back to France. But he seemed modest about his feat. source

19 Feb 2010 10:25


U.S.: Stranded National Guard helicopter: No deaths but a tough rescue

  • 13 of 17 passengers rescued from a remote part of West Virginia source

04 Feb 2010 21:31


World: The accused Haitian kid-nappers formally charged with abduction

  • 15 number of years in prison the Baptists could face source

27 Nov 2009 18:49


Culture: Tiger’s model wife knows how to use a golf club, too

  • She smashed open a window with a golf club to get him out of his SUV. After Tiger crashed his car last night, Elin Nordegren pulled him out of the car herself. He was laying in the street when police found him. Best. Story. Detail. Ever. source

11 Oct 2009 01:28


World: The Pakistan hostage situation ends better than it could’ve

  • 25 soldiers were rescued by Pakistani commandos after being captured earlier today
  • three hostages died in the scuffle; two commandos and four gunmen also died in the ambush source

10 Oct 2009 13:40


Offbeat: Will someone think of the guinea pigs? They need rescue, too

In L.A., there’s a rescue group for guinea pigs. Because, well, someone needs to protect them from becoming … uh, guinea pigs. source

27 Sep 2009 03:56


24 Sep 2009 19:40


U.S.: The SPCA made their biggest bust ever in Houston today

  • 1,045 animals in one home, including a pony source