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03 Jul 2010 03:01


Music: Mixest: A pretty badass HTML5 take on the Pandora model

  • Know how we know Mixest is awesome? Because this song came up on the playlist. It’s seriously one of our favorite songs (your ears should be burning, Cymbals Eat Guitars). It’s a dead-simple idea that reminds us of a radio Muxtape. Plus, it’s done in HTML5 using the jPlayer framework, which means it will work on your iPhone and iPad. Hello new radio station. (Hat tip Hacker News) source

18 Mar 2010 22:18


Culture: The simplest explanation of the Sandra Bullock dramarama ever

  • yes Sandra Bullock moved out of the couple’s shared home
  • yes Jesse James says he’s at fault for the drama that transpired
  • yes that model has a tattoo on her forehead for some reason source

16 Dec 2009 10:02


World: Silvio Berlusconi’s streak of bad luck with commoners continues

  • one crazy guy hit him in the face with a model of the Milan Cathedral
  • one other crazy guy tried to visit him in the hospital uninvited source

14 Dec 2009 10:25


World: All the Church’s force used against Silvio Berlusconi in attack

  • He was hit with a model of the Milan cathedral. Our favorite Italian Prime Minister who owns absurdly large amounts of the very press that’s supposed to be covering him was still in the hospital resting today. Berlusconi suffered two broken teeth, a broken nose and a cut lip after being attacked by Massimo Tartaglia, a 42-year-old crazy guy. He won’t need surgery but he probably will get a killer story out of it. Isn’t that worth something? source

27 Nov 2009 18:49


Culture: Tiger’s model wife knows how to use a golf club, too

  • She smashed open a window with a golf club to get him out of his SUV. After Tiger crashed his car last night, Elin Nordegren pulled him out of the car herself. He was laying in the street when police found him. Best. Story. Detail. Ever. source

12 Oct 2009 21:17


Culture: “Paranormal Activity” is doing some paranormal box-office numbers

  • $11,000 the amount it cost to make the Twitter-buzzed low-budget horror flick “Paranormal Activity,” which is using the “Blair Witch” model
  • $44,163 the amount of money it made per theater this weekend, in just 200 theaters. At a $7.1 million take, that’s a freaking record source

24 Aug 2009 11:31


Tech: Google outed the “skank” blogger. Now the skank plans to sue

  • $15 million after making a model really, really mad source

03 Jun 2009 20:47


Tech: Digg ads? Well, you may Digg this. Or you may not Digg this.

Digg’s new advertising model is kind of brilliant. If you Digg an ad, it goes up in the queue and the cost-per-click goes down. Whoa. source

27 Feb 2009 10:30


Culture: The football superstar married the supermodel. Obviously.

  • Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen. Married. The couple exchanged vows last night in a “secret” ceremony at a Catholic church, which probably was a pain to get to because, seriously, how often do people get married on a random Thursday? Just sayin’. In case you forgot, Brady is the QB for the New England Patriots who was out this year due to injury, and Bundchen is the Brazillian model who’s currently wallpapering thousands of Windows desktops worldwide. source

24 Jan 2009 14:27


World: Brazillian model Mariana Bridi da Costa loses her battle to live

  • The circumstances Costa, 20, was a world-class model who quickly fell ill from sepsis, an infection of the blood that caused her immune system to fail. The illness, rooted in a misdiagnosis, caused doctors to remove her hands and feet. She was in a coma for 10 days and was only given a short time to live.
  • Losing the fight Despite showing great strength even at her lowest point, it wasn’t enough. “Unfortunately Mari couldn’t resist any longer,” said Henrique Fontes, the executive director of Miss World Brazil. “She passed away at 3 a.m. today.” Costa’s family has received an worldwide outpouring of support in response to the tragedy. source