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30 Oct 2011 19:21


U.S.: Ex-skinhead gets extensive surgery to remove racist face tattoos

  • Meet Bryon Widner. He used to be a white supremacist. When Widner left the movement in 2006, he had a lot to work past to prove that he no longer believed the things he once did — much of it on his own face. “This wasn’t just a few tattoos,” noted plastic surgeon Dr. Bruce Shack. “This was an entire canvas.” Widner had to fight hard to get these tattoos removed and get on with his life, turning former enemies into allies and working with the Southern Poverty Law Center. An anonymous donor paid for the changes to his face (which were incredibly painful), but he paid an even bigger price for the changes to his life. After years of being an “enforcer” for the Vinlanders Social Club, a notable white supremacist group, he quit. He had to leave his Michigan home to get a sense of normalcy. He went for it — for his kids, and for his wife, and to get a second chance. Now, as you can see, the tattoos are gone. He suffers health issues (he has to stay out of the sun), but he says “it’s a small price to pay for being human again.” An impressive redemption story. (Editor’s note: This story has two parts.)

10 May 2011 10:40


Offbeat: Protip: Don’t get a non-vegan tattoo that says “vegan.” Oops.

  • vegan In an attempt to prove to her friends that she was more vegan than the rest of them, a young girl got the word “vegan” tattooed in her inner-lip area.
  • not vegan Unfortunately for her, she got the tattoo with black ink, which is usually made from non-vegan charred animal bones. Which is bad for her. Oops. Vegan fail. source via

18 Mar 2010 22:18


Culture: The simplest explanation of the Sandra Bullock dramarama ever

  • yes Sandra Bullock moved out of the couple’s shared home
  • yes Jesse James says he’s at fault for the drama that transpired
  • yes that model has a tattoo on her forehead for some reason source