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26 May 2010 11:12


Culture: Jesse James is firmly entrenched on the apology circuit

  • I took a pretty amazing life and amazing success and marriage … and threw it away by my own hands.
  • Jesse “I threw away an amazing life with Sandra Bullock” James • Apologizing for throwing away an amazing life with Sandra Bullock. Really, he’s so sorry he threw that life away with Sandra Bullock. He just can’t believe he did that, and now he’s really sorry about it. He’s all apologies about the whole “throwing away an amazing life with Sandra Bullock” thing. He’s sorry. What more do you want from him? He threw away an amazing life with Sandra Bullock. Sor-ry! if you can’t see that he’s really sorry about it. source

31 Mar 2010 09:56


Culture: Scorned woman or not, Jesse James has one rich guy in his corner

  • In terms of television, it probably helps him. … Whether you like Jesse or not, he’s now a much hotter commodity than before this happened. And his audience — they love him.
  • Donald Trump • Regarding the crazy marital situation between Jesse James and Sandra Bullock, one that fell apart due to James’ Tiger Woods-like infidelity. While he notes the West Coast Choppers mogul probably won’t be getting any endorsements any time soon, he seems fairly confident that his former “Celebrity Apprentice” contestant (who finished third on the show) will bounce back. source

18 Mar 2010 22:18


Culture: The simplest explanation of the Sandra Bullock dramarama ever

  • yes Sandra Bullock moved out of the couple’s shared home
  • yes Jesse James says he’s at fault for the drama that transpired
  • yes that model has a tattoo on her forehead for some reason source

18 Mar 2010 09:41


Culture: Apparently, winning a Best Actress Oscar ruins your marriage

  • Sandra Bullock is going through hell right now. She’s been married to Jesse James, West Coast Choppers CEO and stuntman, since 2005, but it appears her marriage is publicly falling apart. As far as Best Actress Oscar winners go, she’s not alone. Here are a few examples of the Best Actress Oscar curse:
  • Halle Less than a year after winning for “Monster’s Ball,” she divorced from singer Eric Benet, who reportedly had a sex addiction.
  • Reese The “Walk the Line” star didn’t make it past seven years marriage with her husband, Ryan Phillippe, separating months after she won her Oscar.
  • Hilary The “Million Dollar Baby” star, was married to Chad Lowe for 11 years; they divorced soon after she won. (She also won for “Boys Don’t Cry.”)