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03 Jul 2010 03:01


Music: Mixest: A pretty badass HTML5 take on the Pandora model

  • Know how we know Mixest is awesome? Because this song came up on the playlist. It’s seriously one of our favorite songs (your ears should be burning, Cymbals Eat Guitars). It’s a dead-simple idea that reminds us of a radio Muxtape. Plus, it’s done in HTML5 using the jPlayer framework, which means it will work on your iPhone and iPad. Hello new radio station. (Hat tip Hacker News) source

19 May 2009 21:22


Music: Think Pitchfork’s right about Eminem’s “Relapse”? Judge for yourself.

27 Mar 2009 19:45


Culture: “Monsters vs. Aliens”: Just one versus movie of many.

The new animated movie is the latest in a long list of flicks that aim one thing vs. another. Hopefully “Pirates vs. Ninjas” is next. source

28 Jan 2009 09:27


Music, Tech: Remember Muxtape? They’re back. But it’s not the same.

Artists, rather than end users, will be uploading mixes. Gah, better than nothing. source