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11 Apr 2011 14:57


U.S.: Blast wreaks destruction in Belarus metro station

  • seven people confirmed dead after an explosion at a Metro station in Belarus
  • fifty people injured in the blast, the cause of which is currently under investigation source

28 May 2010 11:20


Culture: To all the jerks making fun of Gary Coleman: Screw you.

  • Dude is on life support. In a coma. He’s suffering from a brain hemorrhage just like Bret Michaels was. Yet everyone seems compelled to make jokes because it’s Gary Coleman. Come on. Give the man a break – he’s had a tough life. Would you want to die that way? Seriously? source

27 May 2010 19:17


Culture: Gary Coleman gets hurt; M.C. Hammer sticks his neck out for him

  • In your time of pain and suffering, may it increase upon you tenfold if you mock Gary Coleman. Prayer is what he needs.
  • M.C. Hammer • Throwing down the gauntlet against those mocking Coleman, he of short stature who is in a Utah hospital in critical condition today after a fall. Absolutely zero details have been released beyond that. Twitter’s chattering amongst itself. Best of wishes, little guy. We hope you pull through. source

14 May 2010 10:38


World: Thailand’s volatile political situation puts journalists in danger

  • 3 journalists were shot and wounded, one seriously, earlier today source

23 Apr 2010 20:56


Culture: A little more on Bret Michaels’ condition; it’s not good

  • The Poison singer has a subarachnoid hemorrhage. What’s that, you ask? Well, it’s bleeding in the area between the brain and the tissues that cover the brain (his is at the base of the brain stem). It starts out with a huge headache, usually, and is brought on by a number of risk factors. It can also be the result of injury, so the “Rock of Love” star’s fall at the Tonys is still on the table. Unfortunately, the risk of death in this case is very high, even after treatment. We feel bad for the guy and hope he pulls through. source

23 Apr 2010 17:36


Culture: Remember Bret Michaels at the Tonys? Not sayin’, just sayin’.

  • Look, we don’t know the full story yet. But the tumble that Michaels took here at the Tonys is exactly the kind of thing, if he fell the wrong way, that might cause something like a hemorrhage to the brain in the long term. He also had an emergency appendectomy just a week ago. And diabetes. And he’s a hair-metal rocker known for his hard-partying ways. In other words, dude has an insane medical history. We hope he’s OK. We’re pulling for you, man. source

23 Apr 2010 17:19



17 Dec 2009 09:26


World: Silvio Berlusconi finally leaves the hospital! WHOO! Go Silv!

  • So there we go, kids, the media event of the century. Silvio Berlusconi finally leaves the hospital, looking like hell, in bandages, because some crazy guy shamed him. He was in the hospital four days – considering the nature of his injuries, a long time. source

16 Dec 2009 10:02


World: Silvio Berlusconi’s streak of bad luck with commoners continues

  • one crazy guy hit him in the face with a model of the Milan Cathedral
  • one other crazy guy tried to visit him in the hospital uninvited source

15 Dec 2009 09:31


World: Former provincial governor may have been target in Pakistan attack

  • 22+ killed, and 60+ wounded in the market attack source