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24 Aug 2011 10:16


World: From the scene: Trapped journalists at the Hotel Rixos in Tripoli

  • What a sad little sign: It may say the word “TV” on it, but the hand-scrawled sign that the journalists put up in this video really says so much more — for example, “we’re desperate,” “let us out,” “we didn’t sign up for this,” “I want to see my family,” “this is unfair treatment,” and “we hope to get out of this alive.” Never have two letters said so much. source

24 Aug 2011 09:55


World: Rixos hotel crisis: Trapped journalists fear for safety in luxury Tripoli hotel

  • We are not being allowed to leave. We want to leave. We are obviously in a very fragile position.
  • CNN reporter Matthew Chance • On the situation in the Rixos hotel in Tripoli, where roughly 30 journalists have been stuck for a number of days — unable to leave the luxury hotel due to Gaddafi loyalists blocking their departure. The journalists, who have been wearing bulletproof vests and helmets during the day (and sleeping in hallways, so as not to get hit by shards of glass from fighting), have been relegated to finding random foods inside cabinets. They have enough to last a few more days; but after that … These guys need your thoughts. These are the people that make this coverage possible. Let’s get them home safe. Somehow. source

18 May 2011 16:14


World: A little good news coming out of Tripoli

  • 4 journalists freed from their detention by Gaddafi’s military source
  • » At long last: Gaddafi’s authorities have set Nigel Chandler, Manu Brabo, Claire Gillis and James Foley free — and authorities said that they may stay in the country if they wish (though journalistic professionalism aside, one could understand if they didn’t especially want to). Brabo, Gillis and Foley were all captured near Brega on April 5th. As for Chandler, however, who Libyan authorities believed worked with the BBC (they have since said they have no journalist in their employ by that name, and no other organization has claimed him), no location of his detainment is yet known. The four are now under consular care of Tripoli’s South African embassy.

05 May 2011 10:41


Politics: Journalists dropped everything after Osama bin Laden’s death

  • Where were you when you found out Osama bin Laden died? If you were anything like us, you were sitting in a bar in Virginia Beach, having your birthday weekend abruptly ended by a historic news story, reblogging and retweeting stuff on your phone and taking grainy photos of the bar’s TV screen when something notable happened. (We have the photos to prove it.) Maybe you might’ve been watching “The King’s Speech” on pay-per-view and had to pause it in the middle. Or perhaps you were getting off a plane when your phone started buzzing with all sorts of crazy crap. Or about to get on one — to Afghanistan — when you suddenly had to jump off and cover a major story at home. Or maybe you were sitting in bed, reading a book about Bob Dylan. Or maybe you were actively ignoring the news, only to have your daughter call you to point out that all hell was breaking loose. All of these scenarios happened to journalists. All of them stopped what they were doing and got directly to work. source

22 Mar 2011 14:21


World: Released NYT journalists recount arrest horror

  • I heard in Arabic, ‘shoot them,’ and we all thought it was over.
  • New York Times foreign correspondent Anthony Shadid • Reflecting on his arrest, as well as his three NYT compatriots, at the hands of pro-Gaddafi forces in Libya. The story seems to indicate a reluctance Gaddafi’s people had to actually make good on that remark and shoot the journalists; upon realizing they were Americans, they thankfully scuttled that plan. Lynsey Addario got the worst treatment, having “every inch of [her] body” groped by the pro-Gaddafi soldiers, while photographer Tyler Hicks was threatened with decapitation. So, all in all, a pretty sickening story, and one that we hope people remember when somebody is mocking a journalist on the ground for feeling threatened. These are real dangers, folks. source

21 Mar 2011 16:10


World: Arrested NYT journalists released by Libya unharmed

  • 4 New York Times journalists arrested in Libya have been released source
  • » Remember why journalism is a courageous job? Because every now and then, you risk getting arrested by forces loyal to a tinpot, crackpot dictator, in a country embroiled in violent revolution. Stephen Farrell, Anthony Shadid, Lynsey Addario and Tyler Hicks were all released today, reportedly unharmed, a full six days after they had been scooped up by pro-Gaddafi forces while covering the rebellion on the ground. Never a bad time to appreciate the risks that journalists, especially those reporting from war zones, take in order that we can be more informed.

08 Feb 2011 02:26


Politics: Max Headroom: Reporters talk about their Egypt battle scars

  • Somehow, these guys made it out. Perhaps one of the most harrowing reporter stories to come out of Egypt this week comes from Fox News reporter Greg Palkot and cameraman Olaf Wiig, who were smoked out of the building they were staying in, only to get caught in a crowd of pro-Mubarak supporters. Palkot has some pretty severe injuries. Yikes. A lot of reporters probably were put in situations similar to this, and it’s good to note that their hard work kept the cameras on the country as things started to waver. source
  • Anderson Cooper gets scared, tooIn one of the more harrowing clips from the past week, CNN’s Anderson Cooper, he of getting punched in the face by some pro-Mubarak supporters, is in some random room trying to report the news. He left the country not long after this episode, a victim of having a well-known face in an area not kind to journalists.
  • Are things really getting better?On tonight’s show, Rachel Maddow brought up the plight of Ayman Mohyeldin, the Al Jazeera reporter who was detained by authorities for a few hours before finally getting released. Mohyeldin’s words, Maddow argues, show that the narrative doesn’t support what’s actually happening in Egypt. It’s way worse.

03 Feb 2011 14:27


World: Egyptian pro-government forces try to intimidate foreign press

  • The Egyptian strategy is employing a strategy of eliminating witnesses to their actions.
  • Middle East Director for the Committee to Protect Journalists, Mohamed Abdel Dayem • Speaking on the increasingly apparent targeting of journalists by pro-government forces (CNN’s Andersen Cooper reports being attacked for the second time in two days), the director suggests a broad strategy by the Mubarak regime to minimize the media’s ability to bear witness to what’s happening in Cairo. source

23 Jul 2010 14:00


U.S.: RIP Daniel Schorr: They don’t build journalists like him anymore

Dude is IN CONGRESS smoking a cigar while at a hearing about whether Nixon tried to give him a job. He worked for both CBS and NPR in his lengthy career. He died today at 93. source

03 Jun 2010 23:20


Politics: Lame-duck politician with ridiculous mustache has ridiculous idea

  • This Dude wants to license journalists in Michigan. Michigan State Sen. Bruce Patterson submitted a bill to do just this, saying that with the rise of blogs and other varied content sources, the standards for journalism were lowering. “I thought you had to have a degree in journalism but apparently not,” Patterson said recently. “I could retire and be a journalist.” Or you could retire and give free mustache rides, something you’d actually be good at.Take your pick. source