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07 Jun 2011 16:52


World: Muammar Gaddafi would rather die than surrender

  • We will not kneel! We will not surrender: we only have one choice – to the end! Death, victory, it does not matter, we are not surrendering!
  • Muammar Gaddafi • More or less affirming the attitude he’s been exemplifying for months. His defiant remarks came during a phone call to Libyan state television, during which the sounds of low-flying aircraft were audible over the line, and he quickly hung up. NATO’s offensive strikes in Libya have intensified recently — perhaps the result of President Obama agreeing with British PM David Cameron that it was time to ‘turn up the heat‘ on Gaddafi and his forces? In any event, this much seems clear: Gaddafi would rather die than relinquish command, and NATO doesn’t intend to leave him in power. Gaddafi might get his wish on this one. source

01 Mar 2011 10:04


U.S.: Libya: Gaddafi’s forces unable to overtake opposition stronghold

  • plan In an attempt to regain ground lost during the recent protests, Muammar Gaddafi’s forces attempted to overtake the opposition-held Zawiyah, which is 30 miles from Tripoli.
  • failure Gaddafi’s forces were unable to do so, however – but the other side didn’t really gain any ground, either. The forces attacked from six directions, but didn’t succeed with any of them, really. source

03 Feb 2011 14:27


World: Egyptian pro-government forces try to intimidate foreign press

  • The Egyptian strategy is employing a strategy of eliminating witnesses to their actions.
  • Middle East Director for the Committee to Protect Journalists, Mohamed Abdel Dayem • Speaking on the increasingly apparent targeting of journalists by pro-government forces (CNN’s Andersen Cooper reports being attacked for the second time in two days), the director suggests a broad strategy by the Mubarak regime to minimize the media’s ability to bear witness to what’s happening in Cairo. source

02 Feb 2011 22:34


World: “The sun can’t come up fast enough”: Egypt violence by the numbers

  • 3+ number of people killed in today’s violence in Cairo (at least)
  • 600+ number of people injured, according to a report by MSNBC
  • 1,500+ people injured, says one nurse who talked to Reuters source

02 Feb 2011 22:08


World: Did the Egyptian military use indifference as a power grab?

  • Let the military take over and protect you and Egypt. … We have confirmed reports that there are radical elements heading to cause internal strife. They have balls of fire and they want to start fire in the Tahrir (Liberation) Square.
  • A quote from Egyptian state television • Calling the protesters out at Tahrir Square “radicals.” The phrasing suggests that the tactic used against Egyptian protesters today (involving a bunch of pro-Mubarak supporters attacking the protesters that have been out all week, with the military standing idly by) was a ploy designed to give the military leverage over the situation. “The military’s refusal to act is a highly political act which shows that it is allowing the Egyptian regime to reconstitute itself at the top and is highly, utterly against the protesters,” says Kent State professor Joshua Stacher, who happens to be an expert on Egypt. The military is powerful; did they use that power to screw over the Egyptians? source

18 Jan 2011 10:12


World: Iraqi suicide bomber attacks police recruits waiting in line

  • 45+ killed in the attack on a line of police recruits waiting for jobs in Saddam Hussein’s hometown, Tikrit
  • 100+ wounded in the attack that’s the worst since Nuri al-Maliki was reappointed Prime Minister source

26 Aug 2010 10:39


Politics: Pastor Terry Jones: Crazy Koran-burning dude gets death threats

  • I have no experience with it whatsoever. I only know what the Bible says.
  • Pastor Terry Jones • Regarding his experience with the Koran, which he plans to burn next month, on September 11th. As you might imagine, such an action is extremely controversial, and many people do not like Jones’ plan, which he’s talked about with 150 different media outlets. He’s gotten death threats. “We have to be careful,” he says. “The overall response has been much greater than we expected.” Jones is based out of Florida, which has been a hotbed of anti-Islamic activity of late, most notably a pipe bomb attack at a mosque back in May. source

25 Aug 2010 10:39


World: Iraq hit by a huge spate of violence in wake of U.S. troops leaving

  • 45+ people killed in bombings that shook seven Iraqi cities source

20 Jun 2010 10:43


World: A suicide bomber nails one of Iraq’s main financial sectors

  • 26 people were killed in the bombing of the Trade Bank of Iraq
  • 53 people were injured in the second bank attack in a week source

31 May 2010 11:11


World: In Pakistan, a bunch of jets nail a bunch of militant hideouts

  • 42+ insurgents were killed in
    the attacks today
  • 18+ militants were injured in the
    attacks in the Orakzai region source