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09 Mar 2011 14:40


World: Grim deathtoll in wake of Taliban’s funeral sneak attack

  • 36+ killed in a suicide bombing by the Pakistani Taliban source
  • » And at a funeral, no less. A teenager reportedly detonated himself while pretending to attend a Pakistani funeral service, which was being held by an anti-Taliban group in the country’s northwest. The funeral’s proximity to the Taliban and al-Qaeda’s safe havens within Pakistan made it a natural target. Our deepest condolences to all those killed in this most horrible attack.

01 Jan 2011 10:04


World: Egyptian bombing attack targeted minority Christian sect

  • We heard a thunderous sound of explosion. I fell on the ground. I saw a car burning. You cannot imagine what we have seen there. … It was a horrible scene.
  • Eyewitness Nermin Nabil • Describing the scene near a church where a blast went off on Saturday, reportedly caused by a suicide bomber. The blast claimed at least 21 deaths and 79 injuries. Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak expressed rage and retaliation at the bombing: “I would say with confidence, that we will chase the people who planned and committed this terrorism act, and we will chase the people involved with them.” The victims of the attack were Copts, who follow an Egyptian sect of Christianity. They make up nine percent of the country’s population – versus 90 percent Muslims. source

31 Oct 2010 11:12


World: Dozens hurt after suicide bombing in busy Turkish district

  • 32+ people injured in the attack in a busy Istanbul tourist district
  • 17+ of those hurt were police officers, the targets of the attack source

24 Aug 2010 10:43


World: In Somalia, things are somehow getting even more violent

  • 32+ people died today in a bombing at a hotel near the Somali presidential palace in Mogadishu
  • six of the victims were members of Somalia’s parliament, which is funded by the West
  • 40+ people died in a similar attack yesterday, which were blamed on Al Shabaab source

01 Jul 2010 20:54


World: In Pakistan, religious gatherings continue to be bombing targets

  • 40+ people killed in the triple suicide bombing at an 11th-century Suri shrine in Lahore
  • 175+ were injured in the attack, which took place during a late-night prayer service source

20 Jun 2010 10:43


World: A suicide bomber nails one of Iraq’s main financial sectors

  • 26 people were killed in the bombing of the Trade Bank of Iraq
  • 53 people were injured in the second bank attack in a week source

10 Jun 2010 10:41


World: In Afghanistan, a suicide bomber turns a wedding into a disaster

  • 40+ number of people killed in the suicide bombing, during a wedding in the village of Nagahan
  • 70+ number of people injured; the groom was a anti-Taliban militia member who was badly injured source

28 May 2010 11:37


World: A very deadly situation in Pakistan, complete with hostages

Two mosque suicide bombings in the city of Lahore have left more than 70 killed and police attempting to stop an awful hostage situation. source

18 May 2010 09:32


World: U.S. soliders the target of latest Afghan suicide bombing

  • 18+ were killed in the suicide bombing, which hit during rush hour in Kabul
  • 5+ were U.S. soldiers; the attack targeted a convoy led by NATO source

29 Mar 2010 10:23


World: Why are Chechen women suspected? They have a history of attacks

  • 2002 Nearly 40 Chechen rebels (including women) stormed a Moscow theater, an attack which led to a huge loss of life.
  • 2003 Rebels attempted to assassinate Chechen president Akhmad Kadyrov, who supported the Russian government.
  • 2004 Chechen rebels (including women) raided a Beslan, North Ossetia, school. Hundreds were killed, including children.
  • » Why so violent? Part of it is Russia’s history with Chechnya. In recent years, the Russian military has committed a wave of destruction in the region so terrible that it’s led to wide reports of post-traumatic stress syndrome among women. Many, including women involved in the 2002 theater siege, were brutally raped by Russian soldiers. source