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19 Oct 2010 10:38


02 Apr 2010 11:31


World: Russian suicide bomber’s husband was killed by Russian military

Moscow suicide bomber Dzhennet Abdurakhmanova, 17, was married to Umalat Magomedov, who was killed in December. True love, of course, is someone you can hold a gun with. source

29 Mar 2010 10:23


World: Why are Chechen women suspected? They have a history of attacks

  • 2002 Nearly 40 Chechen rebels (including women) stormed a Moscow theater, an attack which led to a huge loss of life.
  • 2003 Rebels attempted to assassinate Chechen president Akhmad Kadyrov, who supported the Russian government.
  • 2004 Chechen rebels (including women) raided a Beslan, North Ossetia, school. Hundreds were killed, including children.
  • » Why so violent? Part of it is Russia’s history with Chechnya. In recent years, the Russian military has committed a wave of destruction in the region so terrible that it’s led to wide reports of post-traumatic stress syndrome among women. Many, including women involved in the 2002 theater siege, were brutally raped by Russian soldiers. source

29 Mar 2010 10:03


World: Moscow train attacks: Timed for the most damage

  • It was a terrorist act carried out by the female suicide bombers. They were specifically timed – for … the train was nearing the station – to make the most damage.
  • Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov • Regarding the Moscow terror attack that killed at least 38. The attack was reportedly perpetrated by two female Chechen suicide bombers at two separate stations. Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin promised vengeance, saying they “will be destroyed.” “I am sure that law enforcement agencies will do everything to find and punish the criminals,” Putin said. source

29 Aug 2009 18:29


World: Chechnya’s lasting peace didn’t last; they relapsed

The level of discord in the country has gone up in recent months. Between June and August, 436 people have died, way up from 2008. source

22 Jun 2009 10:24


World: A suicide bomber hit a Russian regional leader in this mangled car

Yunus Bek Yevkurov was critically wounded in the suicide bombing, part of a trend of assassination attempts in North Caucasus. source