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07 Aug 2010 22:14


U.S.: A couple of punk kids ruin the D.C. metro-riding experience

  • 70 people were unfortunately involved in last night’s brawl source
  • » To explain D.C. Metro dynamics: These kids started their fight at the Gallery Place station, near the Verizon Center, where the Washington Wizards play. This area has become very popular for teenagers and is one of the area’s busiest stations. These kids got on a train, continued the fight, got off at the L’Enfant Plaza station, and caused a huge brawl that injured a number of people. Because these are two of the busiest train stations in the entire city. This is how people are supposed to act, apparently. Get some manners, you brats.

30 Jul 2010 21:17


Tech, U.S.: Finally, the NYC Subway will be getting wireless connectivity

  • $200 million the amount the wi-fi and mobile endeavor will cost
  • three years the delay the major undertaking has already faced source

07 May 2010 12:04


U.S.: Scary: Chicago Metra’s director has Metra enact his final directive

  • He threw himself in front of a train and was killed. The commuter rail system’s executive director, Phil Pagano, killed himself near Crystal Lake, Ill. earlier this morning. Pagano, who had been in the position since 1990, was put on paid administrative leave last month after he gave himself an unauthorized $56,000 bonus last year. Wow. source

27 Apr 2010 10:33


Offbeat: When this Amtrak train goes by, it goes “mooooooooooo”

  • Amtrak’s new train runs on beef. Yes, beef. The travel option of third-to-last resort (it tops Chinatown buses and *shudder* Greyhound buses) has a new line running from Oklahoma City to Forth Worth, and it’s using a type of biodiesel fuel called B20. What’s B20, you ask? 80 percent diesel fuel, 20 percent beef byproducts. Yeah, it’s technically biodiesel, but eww. source

12 Apr 2010 10:21


World: Landslide blamed for Italian train derailment that killed 11

That gnarled mess that this firefighter is standing next to used to be a train. The deadly accident in the northern city of Castelbello also injured at least 20. source

02 Apr 2010 11:31


World: Russian suicide bomber’s husband was killed by Russian military

Moscow suicide bomber Dzhennet Abdurakhmanova, 17, was married to Umalat Magomedov, who was killed in December. True love, of course, is someone you can hold a gun with. source

29 Mar 2010 00:51



04 Mar 2010 20:14


U.S.: Pentagon Metro shooting: Just be glad you don’t need a train

  • This floor looks overloaded with people. It’s a freaking mess, and it’s all caused by one guy who decided to shoot a couple of Pentagon police officers. The injuries to the officers weren’t life-threatening, by the way. Careful out there, guys. (Photo by @whrobinson) source

04 Mar 2010 19:06


15 Feb 2010 08:36


World: A massive train crash in Belgium leaves many dead, dozens injured

  • 25+ were killed in the rush-hour train collision in Buizingen, outside of Brussels
  • 150+ were injured in the crash, which may have been due to poor weather conditions source