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26 Feb 2011 23:01


U.S.: North Korea threatens South Korea. Sigh, this stuff is getting old.

  • South Korea’s traitor puppet regime must recognize the seriousness of the situation and immediately stop anti-(North Korea) psychological warfare.
  • A message from Korean Central News Agency • Which also happens to threaten gunfire at South Korea if they do that annual joint drill thing they tend to do with the United States. No, this story is not a repeat of every other time South Korea done this joint drill thing with the United States. It’s a new story. We even double-checked it and the timestamp says it was published like an hour ago. So we don’t know. In other news, we’re going to call our new pet gerbil “Traitor Puppet Regime.” It has a nice ring to it. source

04 Feb 2011 21:59


World: Why were Thai and Cambodian armies fighting today?

  • It seems to have been a result of a misunderstanding. There is no point in fighting because it could escalate and damage relations… We don’t want that.
  • Thai army chief Prayuth Chan-ocha • Attempting to explain why his country’s troops got into a conflict with Cambodia Friday – which killed two Cambodian soldiers and one Thai villager. The two countries fought in an area surrounding a 900-year-old Hindu temple that has been a source of much conflict in the past. The Cambodian government accuses the Thai army of targeting villagers after they entered Cambodia’s territory. “We said to them ‘don’t come in the area’ and they still came. We fired into the air and they began to shoot at us,” said spokesperson Khieu Kanharith. source

05 Sep 2010 13:23


World: ETA: Basque separatists in Spain claim they’re done fighting

  • These guys really wanted to break off from Spain and build their own country. They did it using violent means, and over the past 40 years, over 850 people died at their hands. But today, Basque separatists ETA have claimed to lay down their arms, weakened by a tough year full of arrests. We’ll see if this holds up, or if these pirate ghost-looking dudes are just bluffing. source

07 Aug 2010 22:14


U.S.: A couple of punk kids ruin the D.C. metro-riding experience

  • 70 people were unfortunately involved in last night’s brawl source
  • » To explain D.C. Metro dynamics: These kids started their fight at the Gallery Place station, near the Verizon Center, where the Washington Wizards play. This area has become very popular for teenagers and is one of the area’s busiest stations. These kids got on a train, continued the fight, got off at the L’Enfant Plaza station, and caused a huge brawl that injured a number of people. Because these are two of the busiest train stations in the entire city. This is how people are supposed to act, apparently. Get some manners, you brats.

25 Jul 2010 20:30


World: Holy crap: Wikileaks just unleashed the Afghan War motherlode

  • 92,000 documents from Wikileaks source
  • three newspapersThe New York Times, The Guardian and Der Spiegel – were given first crack at the info
  • yes the papers each decided to run the news at the same time, but took great care not to reveal state secrets
  • no we have no idea who leaked the info online – our wildly inaccurate guess is Adrian Lamo

31 May 2010 10:56


25 May 2010 20:52


World: In Jamaica, the hunt for Christopher “Dudus” Coke proves deadly

  • 31 killed during the hunt for one fugitive drug lord source

23 May 2010 10:57


World: Thailand’s lending a hand to help get Bangkok all cleaned up

With the worst of the Red Shirt conflict over, people are helping clean up Bangkok by the thousands. The country’s stock exchange will reopen Monday. source

30 Mar 2010 22:19


Politics: Oops: U.S. general apologizes for criticizing gay Dutch soldiers

  • I am sorry that my recent public recollection of those discussions of 15 years ago inaccurately reflected your thinking on some specific social issues in the military. To be clear, the failure on the ground in Srebrenica was in no way the fault of the individual soldiers.
  • Former NATO Supreme Allied Commander John Sheehan • Regarding some comments he made about Dutch soldiers last week. He claimed that European armies had been weakened by those who tried to “socialize” them (a.k.a. allow gay soldiers), and specifically mentioned the Srebrenica massacre, a 1995 atrocity where a small group of Dutch peacekeepers were ambushed by Serbian soldiers – an attack that led to the deaths of over 7,000 Muslims men and boys, as well as the resignation of many Dutch leaders in 2002. Sheehan’s comments sparked such outrage that a defamation suit was threatened against him – well, until this apology was accepted not long after Sheehan wrote it. source

24 Feb 2010 21:52


Offbeat: The other side of the Epic Beard Man bus-fighting story

  • Let not the Epic Beard Man get all the praise for this video. This video of two dudes getting into a huge fight on an Oakland, Calf. bus shot through the internet like a pair of brass knuckles over the weekend. Here’s the other side of the argument, told by comparing each side to the video itself. Michael’s nose appears to be healing nicely. Key point of the clip: Michael knew the racist overtones of what Thomas Bruso said. Also, he’s 50 – he looks way younger. source