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03 Nov 2011 21:51


U.S.: Oakland demonstrator questions violence and vandalism

  • I didn’t destroy any property yesterday, but destruction of property is not violent.
  • Derek Winslow • A demonstrator with the “Occupy Oakland” movement who was arrested early Thursday morning after overtaking a building in downtown Oakland. Winslow admitted that the occupation of the building, along with the ensuing fires that were set around the property to deter police, “wasn’t the best reaction, but we are frustrated.” More than 80 people were arrested after police deployed tear gas in the area.  source

26 Oct 2011 14:27


U.S.: Occupy Oakland, after a chaotic night, expected to return tonight


  • There were trash cans on fire. Some people got knocked unconscious from the flash-bangs and tear gas. I saw one girl being carried over a guy’s shoulder, and he was trying to find a paramedic, but there just weren’t any around.
  • Oakland resident Tony Santiago • Giving his first-hand account of the scene in downtown Oakland last night, as the Oakland Police Department (as you probably already know) raided and dispersed some 1,000 protesters in the Occupy movement. The police had denied using such things as flash-bang grenades and rubber munitions, but thanks to eyewitness accounts, amateur video, and work by professional journalists, such denials have been shown to be untrue. Occupy Oakland is expected to return for protests at 6:00 PM tonight, and with last night’s grisly scenes still fresh in their memory it’s anybody’s guess how they’ll react — especially if/when the OPD descends on them once again. (Editor’s note: The source story was written by Seth Millstein, a SFB writer who also writes for The Daily.) source

10 Jun 2011 02:29


U.S.: Woman grabs phone, records man burglarizing her home

  • Not long after the woman taped this video, she was sexually assaulted. A 28-year-old Oakland, Calif. resident recorded video of the man shown here brazenly breaking into her home, stealing her electronics, and then, after she was done recording, coming back to assault her. And now, in hopes of catching the perpetrator, the Oakland Police Department released a video of the man stealing her stuff. “She was very much behind the release of the video,” said Oakland Police Officer Holly Joshi. “She wants justice, she wants the public to be aware of this man so this doesn’t happen to another woman.” Here’s the video for you guys, in case you might know anything about this mess. source

06 Nov 2010 12:00


U.S.: Oscar Grant death: Oakland gets unruly after yesterday’s sentencing

  • 1,000+ number of letters the judge received recommending a harsh sentence for BART officer Johannes Mehserle
  • 152 people arrested in Oakland last night in the wake of the light sentence for Mehserle source
  • » Why was the sentence so light? Well, a few things. First, Superior Court Judge Robert Perry felt that the cop had “tons of remorse” for his actions, and that lots of evidence suggested Oscar Grant’s killing was accidental. “I did the best I could with this case,” Perry said yesterday. “My decisions today will not be well-received by many people. I’m sorry for that.”

05 Nov 2010 21:18


U.S.: Light sentence in Oscar Grant case leaves Oakland on edge

  • 14 years the amount of jail time the mother of Oscar Grant, Wanda Johnson, wanted for BART officer Johannes Mehserle in the police brutality case where the unarmed Grant was killed
  • 2 years the amount of jail time Mehserle will get for his YouTube-spread actions, which have the entire city of Oakland on edge; he’ll also get credit for time already served source

21 Jul 2010 10:59


U.S.: Massive pot farms: Oakland gets an early grip on a budding business

The city council approved the creation of industrial-sized operations last night. In other words, Oakland is the new Detroit, except with marijuana instead of vehicles. source

05 Jul 2010 21:34



03 Mar 2010 11:20


Culture: Epic Beard Man somehow a viral video God two weeks later

  • Despite the fact that Thomas Bruso hit that Michael guy nearly two weeks ago, he still has currency on the internet, thanks to a new YouTube documentary on the guy. The first part is above; the second is here. He’s a pretty crazy dude.

24 Feb 2010 21:52


Offbeat: The other side of the Epic Beard Man bus-fighting story

  • Let not the Epic Beard Man get all the praise for this video. This video of two dudes getting into a huge fight on an Oakland, Calf. bus shot through the internet like a pair of brass knuckles over the weekend. Here’s the other side of the argument, told by comparing each side to the video itself. Michael’s nose appears to be healing nicely. Key point of the clip: Michael knew the racist overtones of what Thomas Bruso said. Also, he’s 50 – he looks way younger. source

20 Feb 2010 16:25


Offbeat: A new kind of folk hero: Watch “Epic Beard Man” do his thang

  • (* note: graphic video *) It’s perhaps a great commentary on our society that a video of an old dude beating up another dude can become a phenomenon of the first order. But this clip isn’t even the first for Thomas Brusso, who was also involved in a tasering incident at an Oakland A’s game last Summer. Spike TV also has an interview with the dude. If nothing else, the beard lives up to the legend.  source