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21 Jul 2010 10:59


U.S.: Massive pot farms: Oakland gets an early grip on a budding business

The city council approved the creation of industrial-sized operations last night. In other words, Oakland is the new Detroit, except with marijuana instead of vehicles. source

10 Oct 2009 14:33


World: Iran has the nuclear facilities, but it needs nuclear fuel

  • 300kg of nuclear material needed source

22 Sep 2009 21:25


Biz: General Motors is kicking production into high gear again

  • 3,000 workers are getting their jobs back now that the company is out of bankruptcy and needing cars
  • 45% the expected boost in vehicle production in 2010; the Clunkers program depleted their supply source

23 Aug 2009 21:58


Culture: How did a dude like Ryan Jenkins get on reality TV, anyway?

  • Part of the problem is there’s such a huge machine needing people to go on TV. . . . But the problem is: If you need so many contestants, you’re probably not going to do the best job of screening them.
  • University of Southern California communication professor Jon Taplin • Discussing the nature of the Ryan Jenkins case. In Jenkins’ situation, VH1’s production company, 51 Minds blamed “an error by a Canadian court clerk” for allowing Jenkins’ criminal past to slip through the cracks. Whatever the case may be, it’s clearly not a common situation, but it is a climate made worse by the needs of reality television. • source

27 Jul 2009 13:51


Tech, World: Windfarms are quickly becoming Kenya’s new energy BFF

By 2012, northern Kenya will be home to the biggest windfarm on the continent, leading the way for a new type of energy production south of the Sahara. source

22 Apr 2009 22:22


Biz, U.S.: GM: What’s a good way to clear car inventory? Stop making cars.

  • 15 car plants will shut down for nine weeks later this summer. Wow, that just sucks. o_O
  • 72% of pay will go to furloughed union employees with sudden unwanted vacations source

04 Feb 2009 22:26


Music: Coldplay is trying something weird, says their roadie

  • Chris has been banned from the studio for these first two weeks. Now, before the rumour mill cranks its way excitedly into life, this does not indicate any kind of split in the camp.
  • “Roadie #42” • An anonymous informant, on Coldplay’s latest period in the studio with producer/musical God/guy who created ambient music Brian Eno. Eno is separating Chris Martin from the rest of the band, in an attempt to get them to create wildly different compositions. Martin’s keeping busy by producing another artist. • source