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20 Apr 2010 10:27


Culture: James Bond’s calm demeanor tested by MGM’s cloudy future

  • The next “Bond” film is on pause due to its studio. OK, we admit it – we freaking love Daniel Craig as Bond. He’s like the best James Bond ever (sorry Sean Connery), so it saddens us to read that the next film in the series is in purgatory because MGM can’t find a buyer. The film series has reached new heights with Craig as star – his first “Bond” film, “Casino Royale,” was the most popular in the series’ history. Why would anyone hold 007 back? source

10 Mar 2009 20:53


Culture, Music: Chris Brown & Rihanna, sitting in a studio, R-E-C-O-R-D-I-N-G!

  • Really? Really? Yeah, it’s crazy, we know, but apparently the couple is recording a new single together for Brown’s new album. E! News reports that the two of them are working with producer Polow Da Don on a new track.
  • Lest you forget This couple has quite the recent history. Between the allegations, the pictures, and the massively bad PR juggernaut that’s endangering Brown’s career, you wouldn’t expect to see these two together. But they are.
  • The song, imaginedWe could be wrong about this, but there’s no way in heck that whatever they work on could be a club banger; no, this has to be dark, emotional, and with more emotional weight than “Umbrella.” We’ll see. source

04 Feb 2009 22:26


Music: Coldplay is trying something weird, says their roadie

  • Chris has been banned from the studio for these first two weeks. Now, before the rumour mill cranks its way excitedly into life, this does not indicate any kind of split in the camp.
  • “Roadie #42” • An anonymous informant, on Coldplay’s latest period in the studio with producer/musical God/guy who created ambient music Brian Eno. Eno is separating Chris Martin from the rest of the band, in an attempt to get them to create wildly different compositions. Martin’s keeping busy by producing another artist. • source