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25 Feb 2012 09:43


U.S.: New study links medical marijuana laws to lower suicide rates

  • 11% reduction in the suicide rate of men ages 20-29
  • 9% reduction in the suicide rate of men ages 30-39 source
  • » Who would have guessed that getting high reduces stress? While the study stopped short of conclusively saying that medical marijuana was the direct cause of the lower rates, the authors did note that, when used in moderation, cannabis acts as an anti-depressant. The authors also found that states with medical marijuana programs saw a reduction in alcohol consumption by young men, and note that alcohol is a known depressant. Read the full results of the study here.

31 Oct 2011 14:16


U.S.: Obama puts the kibosh on marijuana legalization

  • Simply put, [marijuana] is not a benign drug.
  • Gil Kerlikowske, Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy • In the official White House response to a number of petitions calling for weed legalization. This is part of the Obama administration’s “We The People” program: Anybody can submit a petition on a topic of their choosing, and if it gathers enough signatures, the White House will issue an official response. It’s cool that they’re actually following up on the promise to address the petitions, though we imagine proponents of medical marijuana won’t be pleased at the response.  source

18 Oct 2011 11:04


U.S.: Gallup poll: Americans favoring pot legalization at record levels

  • 50% of respondents want to see marijuana legalized — the first time it’s reached a full majority
  • 46% of respondents would rather that marijuana remain illegal … a number that’s been declining for years source
  • » Will we reach a tipping point? Quite possibly, the study suggests: “If this current trend on legalizing marijuana continues, pressure may build to bring the nation’s laws into compliance with the people’s wishes,” the summary noted. Considering the current state of affairs in California, public outcry is completely understandable. Think it’ll eventually happen?

09 Oct 2011 22:51


U.S.: Federal attorney: Medical marijuana laws lead to drug trafficking

  • Where there’s marijuana there’s money. And lots of it. People are using the cover of medical marijuana to make extraordinary amounts of money. In short, (they’re) engaged in drug trafficking.
  • U.S. Attorney for Northern California Melinda Haag • Comparing medical marijuana dealers to drug traffickers — a harsh take, considering medical marijuana is legal in California. The U.S. government is planning a crackdown of medical marijuana dispensaries in the state within the next two months. This actually follows something Eric Holder said about a year ago, when Prop 19 looked like it might have a chance of passing in California. source

06 Jun 2011 23:21


World: Dutch Government hatches plot to anger college kids everywhere

In an effort to completely obliterate their tourism industry, Dutch officials want to ban non-residents from visiting weed cafes in the Netherlands. Yeah, we’re as stumped as you are. source

06 Mar 2011 11:32


U.S.: Just chill out, bro: Montana may ditch medical marijuana

Montana’s medical marijuana industry is thriving. But some legislators are up in arms about who’s really benefiting and want to repeal the voter-implemented law. Boo! source

27 Jan 2011 12:54


Politics: Montel Williams implores Delaware to approve medical marijuana

  • Marijuana may not work for everyone, but what it has done for me is it’s given me my life back.
  • Former talk show host Montel Williams • Speaking to Delaware lawmakers, Williams made an emotional and full-throated appeal for medicinal marijuana legalization. He claims that nothing else still works to ease his severe neuropathic pain from multiple sclerosis, with which he was diagnosed in 1999. source

23 Dec 2010 13:31


Politics: Pat Robertson: We need to stop criminalizing marijuana (really!)

  • I mean, I’m not exactly for the use of drugs, don’t get me wrong, but I just believe criminalizing marijuana, criminalizing the possession of just a few ounces of pot, and that kind of thing, I mean it’s costing us a fortune, and it’s ruining young people.
  • Televangelist Pat Robertson • Leaving us speechless. (via thenewrepublic by way of thedailywhat) source

26 Nov 2010 20:53


Music: Sigh: Willie Nelson arrested for plainly obvious reasons

  • To the arresting officers: Have you guys even heard any of Nelson’s music? Nelson is also known for this specific quote: “Marijuana is like sex. If I don’t do it every day, I get a headache.” So of course Willie had six ounces of pot. Let the man smoke it. Free Willie! (Oh wait.) source

04 Nov 2010 10:50


U.S.: Smoked out: Lots of pot found near border, along with giant tunnel

  • 1,800ft the length of a tunnel (near San Diego) used to smuggle drugs between the U.S. and Mexico
  • 25 tons the amount of pot seized by authorities – none of it legal thanks to Prop. 19 not passing source