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21 Dec 2011 11:04


U.S.: By witness counts alone, the odds are stacked against Bradley Manning

  • twenty number of witnesses prosecutors called against Bradley Manning, who faces charges of leaking classified information, over a four-day period
  • two number of witnesses the defense called before they said they were done — it took them part of Wednesday morning source
  • » What could happen to Manning? The man who allegedly gave Wikileaks its biggest coup could face the death penalty if convicted in his case — though the Army’s prosecutors have made it clear that they will not ask for that. Among the people who have testified against Manning: Jihrleah Showman, a former team leader of Manning’s who claims he once punched her in the face, and Adrian Lamo, the “grey hat” hacker who gained infamy in some circles for turning Manning in to federal authorities.

25 Jul 2010 20:30


World: Holy crap: Wikileaks just unleashed the Afghan War motherlode

  • 92,000 documents from Wikileaks source
  • three newspapersThe New York Times, The Guardian and Der Spiegel – were given first crack at the info
  • yes the papers each decided to run the news at the same time, but took great care not to reveal state secrets
  • no we have no idea who leaked the info online – our wildly inaccurate guess is Adrian Lamo

13 Jun 2010 20:50


Tech: Hacker who NARCed out Wikileaks source getting death threats

  • I couldn’t just not do anything, knowing lives were in danger. It’s classified information, and when you play Russian roulette, how do you know there’s not a bullet in the next chamber?
  • Hacker Adrian Lamo • Discussing his decision to tell federal agents that he suspected Bradley Manning was leaking information to WikiLeaks. Since then, it’s been anything but fun and games for Lamo, nicknamed the “homeless hacker” for his fairly transient lifestyle. He’s gotten death threats. People have been ordering pizzas under his name. He’s reviled in the hacker community. And before this, he was simply famous for being the guy who hacked into the New York Times. source