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04 May 2011 16:17


World: Fatah, Hamas sign reconciliation deal to Israel’s chagrin

  • Signed on the dotted line: Hamas and Fatah made official their surprising reconciliation deal today, which calls for a new interim government and for elections within one year. This has sparked a lot of angst from Israel, who are fearful of the a unified Palestinian authority that includes Hamas  — they’re also opposed to a Palestinian attempt to get statehood recognition from the United Nations, expected to take place this September. source

25 Apr 2011 13:48


World: Assad government turns up military might against protests

  • The dance of an authoritarian state: The crackdown against those Syrians with the courage to protest the rule of Bashar al-Assad is already horribly violent — human rights groups claim the deaths of more than 300 people by the hands of the Assad government since the protests began. That’s just the visible deathtoll, to boot — Syria is widely regarded as one of the world’s worst states on human rights, with torture being a valued tactic, so it’s hard not to believe there are people having some pretty terrible things done to them as we write this. Tanks have now been unleashed into Dara, the origin of much of the anti-government protest. Once you’ve arrived at this point, can there ever truly be a “going back?” It looks like Syria may face a protracted and bloody conflict. source

13 Feb 2011 11:12


World: In Algeria, police put on full-court press, triple-team protesters

  • 3:1 the ratio of police to protesters in Algers, says the AP source

02 Feb 2011 22:08


World: Did the Egyptian military use indifference as a power grab?

  • Let the military take over and protect you and Egypt. … We have confirmed reports that there are radical elements heading to cause internal strife. They have balls of fire and they want to start fire in the Tahrir (Liberation) Square.
  • A quote from Egyptian state television • Calling the protesters out at Tahrir Square “radicals.” The phrasing suggests that the tactic used against Egyptian protesters today (involving a bunch of pro-Mubarak supporters attacking the protesters that have been out all week, with the military standing idly by) was a ploy designed to give the military leverage over the situation. “The military’s refusal to act is a highly political act which shows that it is allowing the Egyptian regime to reconstitute itself at the top and is highly, utterly against the protesters,” says Kent State professor Joshua Stacher, who happens to be an expert on Egypt. The military is powerful; did they use that power to screw over the Egyptians? source

20 Dec 2010 09:56


World: North Korea decides not to start World War III … or did they?

  • yeah … After threatening to retaliate for days for a South Korean artillery drill, North Korea didn’t actually do anything today. Whew.
  • … but We’re not out of the woods yet. North Korea threatened “unpredictable” retaliation, so they may still attack. Great. source

18 Dec 2010 11:44


World: South Korea delays live-fire drill designed to annoy North Korea

Fortunately for just about everybody involved, it’s a little foggy outside, meaning that South Korea has a pretty good scapegoat. Well, for today, that is. source

08 Sep 2010 09:18


U.S.: LAPD still having image problems all these years later

Riot squads were out in full force last night, as L.A.’s police chief defended its actions in a case that led to the deadly shooting of Manuel Jamines. source

05 Sep 2010 13:23


World: ETA: Basque separatists in Spain claim they’re done fighting

  • These guys really wanted to break off from Spain and build their own country. They did it using violent means, and over the past 40 years, over 850 people died at their hands. But today, Basque separatists ETA have claimed to lay down their arms, weakened by a tough year full of arrests. We’ll see if this holds up, or if these pirate ghost-looking dudes are just bluffing. source

24 Aug 2010 10:43


World: In Somalia, things are somehow getting even more violent

  • 32+ people died today in a bombing at a hotel near the Somali presidential palace in Mogadishu
  • six of the victims were members of Somalia’s parliament, which is funded by the West
  • 40+ people died in a similar attack yesterday, which were blamed on Al Shabaab source

10 Aug 2010 09:47


World: The Afghan War got much deadlier between January and June

  • 31% increase in civilian deaths in just six months source
  • » Why the dramatic increase? Blame the intensifying insurgency. Seventy-six percent of the casualties were caused by “antigovernment elements” such as the Taliban, a number up by 53 percent from January to June 2009.