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24 Dec 2010 17:22


U.S.: TSA issues fake warning, treats real whistleblower like terrorist

  • fake The TSA is warning travelers to be careful when bringing thermoses or coffee cups onto planes because they might be used for transporting bombs. While they have no specific threat, they admit it could possibly be a danger. Uh, okay … thanks for telling us on Christmas Eve!
  • real A pilot recorded, using his camera phone, an *ACTUAL* security hole at one of California’s largest airports. The TSA then went to his home and confiscated his gun, which he has to protect himself in the cockpit. Wait, wait, how will that help solve the real problem? source

13 Jun 2010 20:50


Tech: Hacker who NARCed out Wikileaks source getting death threats

  • I couldn’t just not do anything, knowing lives were in danger. It’s classified information, and when you play Russian roulette, how do you know there’s not a bullet in the next chamber?
  • Hacker Adrian Lamo • Discussing his decision to tell federal agents that he suspected Bradley Manning was leaking information to WikiLeaks. Since then, it’s been anything but fun and games for Lamo, nicknamed the “homeless hacker” for his fairly transient lifestyle. He’s gotten death threats. People have been ordering pizzas under his name. He’s reviled in the hacker community. And before this, he was simply famous for being the guy who hacked into the New York Times. source

02 Sep 2009 21:18


Biz, U.S.: Lucky bastard: The Pfizer case whistleblower got a big payday

  • We’re going to be staying right here in San Antonio in the same house, and my wife tells me when we go to the movies we’re still getting one tub of popcorn – the large tub.
  • Former Pfizer pharmaceutical rep John Kopchinski • On the massive payday he won as whistleblower in the legal battle against his former employer. Dude made a cool $51.5 million, which is about as good as winning the lottery, even though it took longer – six years, in Kopchinski’s case. • source

02 Sep 2009 10:40


Biz: Good for them: Consumerist takes a bold stand against Cash4Gold

  • We believe citizens, consumers, and employees should be able to exercise their free-speech rights online – and journalists should be able to report on those efforts – without fear of intimidation.
  • Ben Popken and Meg Marco • In a long expose on Cash4Gold, which they wrote to expose the practices of a company which sued them and other sites in response to their posting of anonymous whistleblower statements from former employees. The whistleblower noted that the company – which until the Super Bowl this year, largely advertised on el cheapo late night advertising – gives significantly less money for traded in gold than pawn shops do. “No matter how nice the person is who gives it to you, a bad deal is still a bad deal,” they write. A bold article; good for them. • source