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16 Aug 2010 12:50


World: In Colombia, an airliner broke in three (!!!) in a huge crash

Sure, this looks awful, but the really crazy part is that despite all that, only one person died in this Columbia plane crash (though 114 were injured). source

16 Aug 2010 11:31


U.S.: Driver behind crazy off-road accident is really, really sorry

  • Soo incredibly lost and devistated [sic] my thoughts and prayers go out to all the familys and friends involved. Thank you too all my friends for sticking with me even thru these tragic times I love you all.
  • Offroad driver Brett Sloppy • Talking on his Facebook page about the fatal incident that he was involved in on Saturday. In the incident, his vehicle (a large truck) veered towards a crowd of spectators, and the resulting crash killed eight. Sloppy survived and wasn’t even injured by the accident, which he wasn’t charged for. source

24 Jul 2010 13:52


04 Jul 2010 11:13


World: The DR Congo oil tanker explosion looks pretty freaking scary

Despite early word that UN peacekeepers died in the incident, the organization says no UN members were involved. The current count: 230 dead, 190 injured. source

11 Jun 2010 11:06


U.S.: Yikes: Arlington Cemetery’s got a bunch of mishandled graves

  • 211 out of 300,000 ain’t bad, right? (actually, yes) source

11 Jun 2010 09:56


World: Nelson Mandela’s symbolic World Cup appearance cut short by tragedy

  • We are sure that South Africans and people all over the world will stand in solidarity with Mr. Mandela and his family in the aftermath of this tragedy.
  • A statement from Nelson Mandela’s people • Regarding the tragic, unexpected death of his great-granddaughter, Zenani, just before the opening ceremonies of the World Cup. Zenani, 13, died in a car crash – preventing Mandela from making the ceremony, a much-heralded appearance on the level of his heralding of the victorious South African rugby team in the 1995 Rugby World Cup. Why so symbolic? Well, rugby was traditionally associated with the Afrikaner elite, whereas soccer had ties with the black population. So it’s very unfortunate that he won’t be able to appear tonight. source

28 May 2010 11:20


Culture: To all the jerks making fun of Gary Coleman: Screw you.

  • Dude is on life support. In a coma. He’s suffering from a brain hemorrhage just like Bret Michaels was. Yet everyone seems compelled to make jokes because it’s Gary Coleman. Come on. Give the man a break – he’s had a tough life. Would you want to die that way? Seriously? source

23 May 2010 21:03


Biz: Still not “Lost”: screws up, recovers brilliantly

  • dumb’s sister site,, accidentally caps the
    price on all their items at $49.95.
    The gaffe lasted for six hours.
  • smart Rather than ignore the sales,
    the company has decided to
    honor them – at a cost of $1.6
    million. Great PR. source

21 May 2010 23:18


World: An Air India plane crashes near Bangalore, reportedly killing many

  • 160 number of people who may have been killed source

18 May 2010 22:13


U.S.: The sad tale of Aiyana Jones: From tragedy to lawsuits in three days

  • sunday The Detroit police breaks into a home searching for a murder suspect and accidentally kills the 7-year-old girl.
  • monday People hear about what happened, and get angry and upset about the tragic circumstances. It’s a very sad story.
  • tuesdayTwo lawsuits are filed on behalf of the family, who is now represented by Jack Kevorkian attorney Geoffrey Fieger. source