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17 May 2011 16:41


Politics: Gingrich flops cause potent conservative backlash

  • He’s done. He didn’t have a big chance from the beginning, but now it’s over. … Reagan had the 11th commandment. Thou shalt not attack fellow Republicans. This [calling the Ryan budget “social engineering”] is a capital offense against the 11th commandment. He won’t recover.
  • Charles Krauthammer • Speaking on Newt Gingrich’s presidential campaign. It’s been a rough few days for Newt, whose fluctuations from one policy position to the next (some of which we highlighted yesterday) have led many conservatives to begin heaping the dirt on his fledgling candidacy. Krauthammer is a venerated voice in the sphere of conservative opinion, and this one hurts. In addition, it calls attention to one of the chief differences between the two major parties. The idea of a Democratic “11th commandment” is utterly non-existent, as Democratic jockeying and infighting has become a staple of Beltway politics, especially in recent years (this is always our favorite example). Maybe Newt could switch parties? “I never said I was a Republican” would be rather in line with his contradictions of late. source

07 Jun 2010 12:45


Politics: Let’s face it. Helen Thomas deserved better than this.

  • Don’t get us wrong. What she said was offensive. It was worth dismissal. But then again, it was one terrible, damaging statement in a career which ranks up there with some of journalism’s greatest. As Twitter user Michael Markman notes, Michael Savage and Glenn Beck have said things nearly as offensive before lunch, and they get to keep their jobs. And now it’s over. Just like that. It’s not fair that she didn’t get to quit on her own terms. Let’s not remember her career for this gaffe but the 50 years that came before it. She deserves it. source

23 May 2010 21:03


Biz: Still not “Lost”: screws up, recovers brilliantly

  • dumb’s sister site,, accidentally caps the
    price on all their items at $49.95.
    The gaffe lasted for six hours.
  • smart Rather than ignore the sales,
    the company has decided to
    honor them – at a cost of $1.6
    million. Great PR. source

24 Mar 2010 09:57


Politics: UK Conservative leader: Yeah, we, uh …, support, uh …, gay rights

  • Man, talk about a stumble. David Cameron, who’s been leading a push to portray the Conservatives as a modernized party in the UK, tripped over his own words in this interview with Gay Times, to the point where he told the magazine to shut off the camera so he could collect his thoughts. This is how to make your party look modernized. source