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23 Jan 2012 10:10


Biz: Associated Press leader Tom Curley to retire, leaves controversial legacy

  • The guy who guided AP into the aggregation era: You probably don’t know this guy very well, but all the organizations that give you your news know him quite well. Tom Curley, who has led the Associated Press since 2003, plans to retire later this year, after his successor is found. Curley, a former USA Today publisher, faced a not-very-enviable task as AP’s leader: As many of his member publications found it difficult to stay afloat (in some cases, trying to drop AP entirely as a cost-saving measure), Curley took a very hard stance against copyright issues, and once played a role in a protracted fight with Google over access to AP articles. (For years, the Curley-led Associated Press considered Google merely running headlines in search results to be lawsuit-worthy, before eventually backing off.) The AP’s leader will leave a somewhat-difficult legacy in its handling of the blogosphere, too: After previous stunted attempts to show control over its content, the site is moving forward with a new content-licensing initiative called NewsRight. Journalism is a difficult business to keep financially stable, and the AP has had a lot to fight against. But at times, you sometimes wonder if folks like Curley simply didn’t understand the environment. Their issues are certainly not as bad as the music industry’s. But they’re certainly not shining examples of new-media transition. (Photo by Richard Drew/AP) source

28 Nov 2011 23:23


Politics: Barney Frank’s legacy: Three major achievements beyond Dodd-Frank

  • one Barney Frank is one of the most prominent gay U.S. representatives, and as a result, he’s long been a champion of gay rights; he long opposed the recently-repealed “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”
  • two Frank was a lead Democrat who helped to build and implement the $700 billion bailout passed in 2008 under George W. Bush; he became a key figure of the financial crisis.
  • three He also worked to end the practice of redlining, a process that banks used to place difficult lending conditions on people and businesses located in low-income neighborhoods. source

30 Jun 2011 11:12


U.S.: Today is Robert Gates’ last day at the Pentagon. *sniff*

We’re sitting in this coffee shop, blaring Boyz II Men’s “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye To Yesterday” from our tinny MacBook speakers. And crying. We’re getting weird looks, but WE DON’T CARE! source

17 Jun 2011 21:44


U.S.: AARP freaks out over Social Security, then backtracks

  • firm For decades, the AARP has pushed against any cuts to Social Security — a cornerstone issue for its base, seniors.
  • evolving Today, however, the group did a startling about-face, claiming that cuts might be needed to ensure its future.
  • receding However, after seniors complained, the group backtracked. As AARP members, we’re beside ourselves. source

07 Mar 2011 14:41


Politics: Senator John Ensign to call it a career

  • John Ensign, signing off: The Nevada Senator is expected to announce he won’t seek reelection in 2012, opting instead to retire from public life. Ensign, 52, would face a winnable but nonetheless taxing battle to retain his seat in light of the ethics investigation against him, stemming from his extramarital affair with the wife of one of his top political aides. Ensign is one of Congress’ members of “The Family,” the secretive, moralistic Evangelical organization that operates out of the “C Street” house in Washington, which made his marital infidelity seem especially hypocritical and irritating to his detractors. (thanks pantslessprogressive) source

10 Feb 2011 11:07


U.S.: Report: Senate Minority Whip Jon Kyl announcing retirement

This will probably get lost in the Mubarak resignation shuffle, but the Senate Minority Whip will likely announce he’s not running in 2012. Whew! Lots of news today! source

18 Jan 2011 13:32


U.S.: Sen. Kent Conrad will not seek reelection in 2012

  • After months of consideration, I have decided not to seek reelection in 2012.
  • Senator Kent Conrad • The moderate Democrat announced his pending retirement this morning. He’s been in the Senate since 1987, representing North Dakota, a fairly conservative state. With his announcement, the Democratic Party is likely feeling some angst that a new window of congressional opportunity may be opening for their Republican counterparts. Conrad scoffed at the notion he feared losing a potential reelection bid, insisting his age was his primary motivator (Conrad is 62). source

16 Aug 2010 11:11


U.S.: Robert Gates’ retirement has at least one interesting coincidence

  • spring The period next year which Gates reportedly wants to retire as Defense Secretary, a story that just broke today.
  • spring The period he said that he wants to hand over partial reins to Afghan security forces. Coincidence? We think not. source

13 Jul 2010 18:14


Politics: The NAACP wants a Tea Party fight, and some “Tea Party” thoughts

  • I’m busy today so notify me asap when NAACP renders verdict: are liberty-loving, equality-respecting patriots racist? Bated breath, waiting …
  • Sarah Palin • Tweeting about the anticipated move by the NAACP to denounce the Modern Tea Party Movement* for “explicitly racist behavior.” Not often we say this, but … Palin’s right. Yo, NAACP, what happened to setting the example instead of playing angry reactionary? You guys are a pretty effective weapon in the war on racism, but if you’re using it to play politics, it will not work out for you. It seems as pathetic as boycotting a greeting card that sounds like something it obviously isn’t. source



* – After a little soul-searching and some feedback from fellow readers, we’ve chosen to revert back to referring to the Tea Party Movement as such, leaving “bizarro hippies” as a part of our past and adding the word “Modern” in front of “Tea Party,” which should get around the problem that the name creates – that it disregards and usurps the memory of the original Boston Tea Party. Let’s admit it. It was intended as a lighthearted joke but some readers didn’t take it that way.

28 Jun 2010 21:42


U.S.: After Rolling Stone, what’s Stanley McChrystal’s next move?

  • NONE bro’s retiring from the Army, of course source