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17 Jun 2011 21:44


U.S.: AARP freaks out over Social Security, then backtracks

  • firm For decades, the AARP has pushed against any cuts to Social Security — a cornerstone issue for its base, seniors.
  • evolving Today, however, the group did a startling about-face, claiming that cuts might be needed to ensure its future.
  • receding However, after seniors complained, the group backtracked. As AARP members, we’re beside ourselves. source

24 Jun 2010 19:45


U.S.: The DISCLOSE (unless your lobbying group is huge) Act passes

  • good The House passes the DISCLOSE act, designed to make political groups disclose who their five largest donors are (and to make the head of the largest company appear in the ads).
  • bad It sounds good for fans of political transparency, but it makes notable exemptions for the largest lobbying groups – inculding  the Humane Society, NRA, and AARP. WTF? Why are they special? source

14 Aug 2009 10:43


Politics, U.S.: On death panels and bold-faced lies spread about health care

  • I guess what surprised me is the ferocity, it’s much stronger than I expected. It’s people who are ideologically opposed to Mr. Obama, and this is the opportunity to weaken the president.
  • AARP executive vice president John Rother • Which supports changing the health care plan, on attacks the plan has received, including suggestions of a “death panel” by Sarah Palin, a claim which is completely false but has much more traction than it should. The claims have much in common with the claims used to kill the health care movement in 1994. One conservative commentator from that era who flipped sides, David Brock, put it best: “In the 90s, every misrepresentation under the sun was made about the Clinton plan and there was no real capacity to push back. Now, there is that capacity.” • source

28 Mar 2009 21:57


Culture: Saving the children, one at a time: Madonna looks to adopt again

  • Well, that’s one way to build a family. Madge has taken a specific liking to the children of Malawi, where she adopted her son David a few years back. Now she wants to adopt Mercy James, a young orphan who would be a sister for David. A court will hear her case next week. By the way, Madonna is 50, which means she’s AARP-eligible. source