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29 Nov 2011 00:04


U.S.: Cyber Monday’s version of Black Friday drama: Counterfeit stuff

  • 150 counterfeit websites taken down on Cyber Monday source
  • » Don’t mess with our passion for shopping. After such a turnout for Black Friday, shoppers were ready for online deals on Monday. So were websites touting fake merchandise — from sports jerseys to DVDs to accessories. This was a part of the investigation called “Operation In Our Sites,” which has seized 350 such counterfeit sites since 2010.

08 Jun 2011 18:50


Politics: Louisiana may have an oil spill off its coast; pending investigation

  • Coast guard investigating alleged oil spill: Stress the “alleged,” as a Coast Guard spokesman has said it’s “too early” to make a definitive judgment. That said, a fisherman reported what he thought to be an oil spill “several miles long” off the Louisiana coast near Venice, and the Coast Guard has deployed to ascertain whether the offending substance is indeed oil, and if so where it may have come from. For obvious reasons, oil turning up off the Louisiana coast reminds us of bad, bad things. We hope like crazy this turns out okay. source

12 Apr 2011 16:49


World: Heart attack may derail Mubarak corruption investigation

  • Hosni Mubarak admitted to hospital: Mubarak, who was to appear before investigators on charges of corruption (subpoenas have been issued for him and his sons), has reportedly suffered a heart attack. Reports suggest he’s receiving treatment in Sharm el-Sheikh, a resort near the Red Sea where Mubarak has lived in exile since being driven from Egypt earlier this year. The former strongman is 82-years-old, and in failing health many Egyptians fear he will die before facing justice. Journalist Jano Charbel: “The fallen dictator must be locked up in a prison cell, not placed in a five-star hospital.” source

07 Mar 2011 14:41


Politics: Senator John Ensign to call it a career

  • John Ensign, signing off: The Nevada Senator is expected to announce he won’t seek reelection in 2012, opting instead to retire from public life. Ensign, 52, would face a winnable but nonetheless taxing battle to retain his seat in light of the ethics investigation against him, stemming from his extramarital affair with the wife of one of his top political aides. Ensign is one of Congress’ members of “The Family,” the secretive, moralistic Evangelical organization that operates out of the “C Street” house in Washington, which made his marital infidelity seem especially hypocritical and irritating to his detractors. (thanks pantslessprogressive) source

26 Jan 2011 14:30


Politics: FCIC report to blame human action, inaction for financial crisis

  • We conclude this financial crisis was avoidable.
  • Report by the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission • The panel’s report, charged with investigation and review of America’s cataclysmic economic crisis, was obtained by Reuters on Tuesday. It cites human error, action, and inaction as being to blame for the collapse. The report will be widely released on Thursday. source

04 Aug 2010 10:42


Tech: How likely is it that the FTC is investigating Apple over Flash?

  • VERY they denied Wired’s FOIA request source

18 Jun 2010 13:28


Tech: Protip to Mark Zuckerberg: Don’t go to Pakistan, dude

  • Pakistan’s deputy attorney general is pushing for his prosecution. Why? Because he allowed “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” to take place on his site. Despite the fact that it was blocked in Pakistan by Facebook and is no longer an issue. He’s seriously trying to get Interpol involved. This is beyond stupid. It’s like arresting Alexander Graham Bell because someone tried to make an offensive phone call, isn’t it? Zuckerberg simply can’t control his users. Nor should he. source

07 May 2010 11:08


Biz: “Flash Crash”: Senators set sights on automated trading

  • A computer glitch caused yesterday’s crash. High-speed algorithmic trading, which accounts for nearly 60 percent of all trading volume, is already under scrutiny by regulators due to the financial crisis. Now, thanks to yesterday’s buttcrack, some Senators are suggesting an investigation. Many are concerned that the automated system can fall out of the control of regulators, causing cluster#(&@s such as the one we saw yesterday. With good reason. source

04 May 2010 10:21


Politics: Times Square incident: Sunday talk shows rife with speculation?

  • When they say it’s certainly a one-off, it’s an appropriate question to say, ‘How do you know that; was this based on real briefings?’ To me, the most basic question in journalism is, ‘How do you know that?’ They won’t always tell you, but you can gauge a lot by their response.
  • Columbia University graduate journalism Professor John Dinges • Regarding the seemingly knowledgeable responses of leaders on the Sunday talk shows about an incident that happened just the night before. Many of them – including New York Sen. Charles Schumer and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano – spoke of the incident as if they had the evidence to say it was a lone wolf incident, at a point when investigators were still working. While each claimed later that they had been briefed about the incident beforehand by authorities, it still raised a lot of questions, especially since the investigation was just beginning. source

30 Apr 2010 15:27


Biz: Goldman Sachs under investigation? Let’s send your stock tumbling!

  • 9.5% stock freefall thanks to new legal troubles source