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31 Dec 2010 22:07


Biz: Rough-and-tumble year for stocks ends on the upswing

  • 11% jump in the up-and-down stock market in 2010 source

03 Oct 2010 02:07


Biz: Remember the stock market “Flash Crash”? Here’s how it happened

  • 1 click of a mouse in Kansas caused the stock market to dip 600 points



  • $4.1B the amount in futures the mutual fund was trying to sell that fateful day
  • 75k the number of contracts the company dropped onto the market
  • 20 the number of minutes it took for them to flood everything source

18 May 2010 21:09


Biz: The SEC wants to prevent another “flash crash”; here’s how

  • 10% the amount a stock can go down in a five-minute period before a circuit breaker goes off and pauses a stock
  • five the number of minutes that stock is halted; the “flash crash” was caused by inconsistent standards source

10 May 2010 09:59


Biz: How Thursday’s “flash crash” might have happened

  • one A bunch of sell
    requests went in
    all at once. These trades were made automatically using computers.
  • two The older New York
    Stock Exchange’s
    circuit breaker went
    off – an automated
    attempt to cool off
    the market.
  • three The computers
    didn’t understand
    this, and totally
    freaked out
    because of the
    lack of buyers.
  • four The stock market
    “flash crash” sped
    up. In other words,
    one system didn’t
    understand the
    other. source

07 May 2010 21:45


Biz: Stock market: All the gains this year, gone, and then some

  • 7.4% the Dow’s decline from its peak this year
  • 8.7% the S&P 500’s decline from its April peak
  • 10.5% the Nasdaq’s decline; it’s in a correction source
  • » Today’s action: It wasn’t much better than yesterday, honestly. The market bounced back and forth all morning before staying firmly in the down column. The Dow lost 140 points today, or 1.3 percent of its value. Sucks to own stocks, doesn’t it? source

07 May 2010 11:08


Biz: “Flash Crash”: Senators set sights on automated trading

  • A computer glitch caused yesterday’s crash. High-speed algorithmic trading, which accounts for nearly 60 percent of all trading volume, is already under scrutiny by regulators due to the financial crisis. Now, thanks to yesterday’s buttcrack, some Senators are suggesting an investigation. Many are concerned that the automated system can fall out of the control of regulators, causing cluster#(&@s such as the one we saw yesterday. With good reason. source