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07 May 2010 11:08


Biz: “Flash Crash”: Senators set sights on automated trading

  • A computer glitch caused yesterday’s crash. High-speed algorithmic trading, which accounts for nearly 60 percent of all trading volume, is already under scrutiny by regulators due to the financial crisis. Now, thanks to yesterday’s buttcrack, some Senators are suggesting an investigation. Many are concerned that the automated system can fall out of the control of regulators, causing cluster#(&@s such as the one we saw yesterday. With good reason. source

16 Oct 2009 16:27


Biz: A major insider-trading case rocks Wall Street. It’s no Madoff, though.

  • $17 million was blue-collar crimed by Galleon Group’s founder source

12 Oct 2009 20:32


Biz: Citigroup didn’t keep its eyes on shady trading, gets punished

  • $600,000 fine for sucking source

02 Mar 2009 10:23


U.S.: The Dow’s doing particularly bad this morning

  • 6,969 its number minutes into trading; no jokes, OK? source