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20 Nov 2009 10:39


U.S.: Cancer screening for the ladies just got a whole lot more lax

  • Monday The government says that women need fewer mammograms and self-breast exams. People get angry and confused.
  • Friday The government says that women need fewer pap smears and cervical cancer tests. People get angry and confused – again. source

19 Oct 2009 10:37


U.S.: Daily Poll: Toking on Obama’s lax medical marijuana policy

  • The Obama administration does not plan to go after medical marijuana users not breaking state laws. This is a big deal for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is that Tommy Chong could probably restart his mail-order bong business. It’s a big reversal from the Bush administration. But is it what the country needed? Vote above. source

12 Oct 2009 20:32


Biz: Citigroup didn’t keep its eyes on shady trading, gets punished

  • $600,000 fine for sucking source

12 May 2009 22:20


Offbeat, U.S.: This airplane feeds on things smaller than it, like baggage carts

  • With our luck, our suitcase was probably lodged inside the baggage cart that this airplane apparently ate at LAX. It’s hungry. source

07 Mar 2009 21:59


Culture: Who’s got the crack? Coolio does. (That’s why he’s in trouble.)

  • Note: Never go through an airport with that stuff. Apparently the “Gangsta’s Paradise” rapper, real name Artis Levon Ivey Jr., was going through the airport security checkpoint at LAX on Friday when he was caught with some crack. Uh, dude. It’s an airport security checkpoint. You can’t wear a hat walking though one. source