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02 Jun 2011 17:07


World: Yemen’s Sanaa airport closed amidst chaotic violence

  • The scene in Yemen: The depressing, daily drumbeat of violence, upheaval and power struggle continues, and in this case, things are looking like they could get a lot worse before any better. The airport in Sanaa has closed, amidst some of the most sustained, violent clashing in Yemen since the initial protests against the Saleh government. source

24 Jan 2011 10:40


World: Moscow Domodedovo airport bombing: Yes, it was a suicide bomber

  • The staff organized emergency exits, but the door was very narrow and people crowded there immediately. So the staff started breaking the walls to let the people out. Soon after, the airport stopped receiving arrival flights.
  • Eyewitness Tatyana Papova • Discussing the scene at Moscow’s Domodedovo airport in the wake of the major bombing. She also notes that the only people who stayed behind were those who didn’t get luggage. CNN is reporting right now (we’re listening to our tellies) that the bomb was a handmade suicide bomb loaded with shrapnel designed to cause even more injuries. More details as we get them. source

24 Jan 2011 09:54


World: Moscow airport bombing; details sketchy but devastating

  • 31+ killed in the blast at Moscow’s Domodedovo airport today
  • 100+ injured; fingers crossed as more details come to light source
  • » What we know: Two things … first, the bombing happened in the airport’s baggage claim area, and Russian state TV is calling the attack a terror attack. Hopes, prayers, etc.

20 Jul 2010 03:01


Offbeat: Mexican monkey smuggler no match for airline security

  • 18 monkeys around this dude’s freaking waist source

18 Apr 2010 20:37


World: In Europe, airlines want to work around that #(&#(&@ volcano

  • 63,000 number of flights that have been canceled since Thursday
  • half number of flights airline officials hope to get in the air tomorrow source

15 Apr 2010 09:56


World: Volcanoes are scary. This one is in Iceland is affecting flights

  • The last time we erupted in anger like this, we trashed a hotel room, so we can’t imagine what the Earth is upset about, but we know it must be something really bad. source

10 Feb 2010 21:23


U.S.: How much snow did D.C. and Baltimore get, anyway? (02/10/10)

  • 19.5″ snow total at BWI  airport near Baltimore
  • 14.0″ snow total at American University in the Upper Northwest part of the District
  • 10.5″ snow total at Reagan National Airport, just south of the District in Arlington
  • 9.3″ snow total at Dulles International Airport, west of the District in the ‘burbs source

09 Jan 2010 18:27


World: A couple drunk guys make a bomb threat on a Dubai-bound plane

  • Great job guys. You freaked out everyone at Heathrow. Robert Fowles of Dover, England, was charged yesterday with making a bomb threat and being drunk on a plane headed for Dubai. His buddy, Alexander McGinn, was also charged. Maybe the stewards misinterpreted what Fowles said – i.e. “I just got BOMBED at a T.G.I. Friday’s airport bar while waiting for this flight!” They have T.G.I. Friday’s in Britain, right? source

07 Jan 2010 22:47


U.S.: Kiss of death: The Newark Airport terror scare caused by true love

  • NO NO NO NO NO. You cannot skip airport security to make out with your girlfriend. Your girlfriend might be the hottest girl in the world, but it’s back of the line for you if you really want to expose your feelings (or yourself, which you can’t do in the airport, either). Who’s worse in this situation? The TSA, who greatly overreacted because of some incident at another airport recently, or the guy who wanted to give his lady a little lovin’? We vote the TSA. They make a good, sturdy, punchable punching bag. source

05 Jan 2010 22:08


U.S.: Newark Airport is apparently run by a bunch of losers

  • bad Newark Airport had a huge kerfluffle that ruined a lot of nights due to a security breach. Airline security is also the biggest topic in the news.
  • worse Not that it would’ve helped anyway, but the security cameras weren’t working in the area where the breach happened. WTF? source