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30 Jun 2011 10:56


U.S.: Dude who managed to stow away on flight passed security check

  • fail Last Friday, some dude managed to stow away on a Virgin America flight from New York to Los Angeles; he was only caught after passengers started telling flight attendants that his seat was supposed to be empty.
  • double-fail However, Olajide Oluwaseun Noibi’s total security breach went undetected by TSA officials — in fact, despite holding an outdated ticket that wasn’t in his name, he passed through security checks with no issues. *facepalm* source

09 Jun 2010 22:13


Tech: More on the leaked 3G iPad leak thang: Gawker’s out for blood

  • Gawker’s upset with Apple. They want Apple to feel the pain. Problem is, they’re looking for blood that’s coming out of a different body. The gaffe is clearly AT&T’s, not Apple’s, fault. While it’s great that they exposed it, the portrayal is all wrong. Ryan Tate of Valleywag writes: “Although the security vulnerability was confined to AT&T servers, Apple bears responsibility for ensuring the privacy of its users, who must provide the company with their email addresses to activate their iPads.” We know they’re upset about the raid and the WWDC snub, but doesn’t it seem like they’re fishing with a statement like that? Personally, we have to admit to getting a kick out of the word “Goatse” running in a New York Times article. Best part of the whole story. source

08 Jan 2010 23:21


U.S.: Newark Airport lovebird arrested, to be charged with holding hands

  • He committed a terrible, terrible offense and he has to pay a price … that relates to the havoc and the discomfort he caused this place.
  • Sen. Frank R. Lautenberg • Describing Haison Jiang, the guy who was arrested for causing the Newark Airport scare over the weekend. How’d he do it? He went to find his girlfriend to give her one last kiss – and ended up ruining everyone’s night. This incident became a big deal because of the timing of the incident and the criticism the Transportation Safety Administration faced. While Jiang showed bad judgment, he certainly shouldn’t be made into the punching bag here. source

05 Jan 2010 22:08


U.S.: Newark Airport is apparently run by a bunch of losers

  • bad Newark Airport had a huge kerfluffle that ruined a lot of nights due to a security breach. Airline security is also the biggest topic in the news.
  • worse Not that it would’ve helped anyway, but the security cameras weren’t working in the area where the breach happened. WTF? source

04 Jan 2010 00:37


U.S.: Newark airport’s collective freak-out finally sorted out (almost)

  • There there, little girl, it’ll be OK soon, we swear. Flights at Newark Airport are finally starting to go out after hours of nightmares caused by some jerk who thought it’d be funny to skip out on security in one of the largest airports in the country. If she thinks waiting in line is bad, she could go outside and visit sunny Newark, where it’s probably freezing, the air is full of fresh-smelling chemicals,  and friendly people can’t wait to rob you. source